8 mo old honda dream 125 for sale

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  1. Honda Dream, 125cc, less than a year old, aproaching 16,000 k, excelent condition. Asking 32,000 baht. In Chiang Mai but would be more than happy to meet you anywhere that I can get to and from in a weekend. You can take this little bike anywhere, it did a 7,000 k, 3 week tour of Thailand under the previous owner and though the kilometers are high, most of them are touring. Upgrading to a big bike, and actually still looking. Great bike, email to [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    I cant figure out how to upload the pic, email me and i can send you pics. Custom made saddlebags, helmet, and-if you're lucky-sunglasses included in the sale.
  2. How much did you have on this bike? I have just arrived in Chiang Mai on a 2 year contract and am looking for a bike
  3. Sorry, for the first comment regarding "how much", I just read the description again and saw it. I have only just started looking so I will check out other like bikes to see if this price is OK. Is it negotiable?
  4. Just to confirm Bodhi's advert ... I am the previous owner and at the time of sale it was in perfect mechanical condition (with full service history) never dropped, also new chain and front / rear sprockets.

    Make sure he throws in the sunglasses ...

  5. so you made it to kathmandu? Wheres the ride report? and pictures?? Michi and I invented a new and improved Doi Inthanon Loop on saturday. Down 108 to the park, north on 1284(i think) to the summit then back down west on 1192 in a futile search for hotsprings, up 1088(my new favorite road) and east on an unmarked dirt trail that eventually connected to 1013, taking us back to 108 in san pa tong. The terrain on the way to 1013 was unlike anything we'd ridden before, 40k of mud, ditches, 8 inch rain carved ruts, but like you promised the dream chewed it up and spit it out, even with a pillion on the back. ill have michi send you pics, how was manale? you find a royal enfield?

    flashant, the price is negotiable, come check out the bike and let me know what you think its worth, i dont think finding a mutually agreeable price should be too hard, how do you like CM so far??

    "They call me bodhi rider, and once i'm on a pair of wheels, i hit the road and i'm gone, whats my number, i wonder how your engines feel"
  6. I don't want to step on anybody's toes here but why did you fit new chain and sprockets after only appr 9000km?
    These little Waves are great bikes for the money; I got over 30K km out of my first Wave 110's chain and sprockets, mainly because I use SONAX chain wax, good stuff. Bought a used 125 with 22K, the owner oiled the chain once in a while, new set was installed at 20K km, even though the sprockets were still okay and there was room to tighten the chain. Any dealer squirts some oil on the chain if you do an oil change, that way any chain should last easyly 20, if not 25K km.
  7. I shouldnt admit this but I only got 15,000 kms out of my chain, on my Wave S 125, by that time it was well and trully ten tun trucked. Probably due to the fact I was living on Samui then so it was all stop start around the bars every night, no trips longer than 19kms.

  8. Sprockets were fine but chain had an annoying tight spot. New chain and sprockets came packaged together as a "genuine parts" kit at a very reasonable price.


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