800 CC Vulcan rebuilt engine for 24K

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  1. "When you buy a secondhand engine from Bangkok if the supplier is any good then you will be issued with a parts invoice to say the tax has been paid on that part (engine)… you then hand that into the motorbike road tax place on the way out of Udon heading north, next time the tax is due… they will alter your green book accordingly. The engines come from Japan.

    Sorry the Mechanic I used when I had an engine changed has closed his shop in Udon but any decent machanic can do the job… its easier swapping a whole engine then rebuilding one. I did price a new engine for a Vulcan 800 two years ago… that’s when I got the quote I quoted earlier… Today’s price hopefully should be much more… Don’t try and source the engine yourself… it will cost you more… let the mechanic do that… there are at least 2 or 3 shops selling secondhand engines in Bangkok.

    The plus side will be you will have your old engine as spares if you so need in the future"

    Anyone know anything about this kind of thing, if I could get one 24 K rebuilt in japan I wouldn't hestitate. I would buy it for a spare somehow after just spending 24 K for part I find this one hard to believe. I see now it says used, not rebuilt like his first post said
  2. What's the difference between "used" and "rebuilt"? Same same but different, no? ;)
  3. Rebuilt means to me that the engine has had the same thing I'm doing to mine now, If not it's a pig in a poke. may be great may not.

    I sourced all the parts ourt of the U.S. factory parts. I got lucky a friend who knows motorcycles is surprevising mu job. He just got his 750 CBR out that shop from a rebuild. No even a puff smoke. So quiet you can hear the license plate rattle on bumps.

    Who ever buys that bike is going to hae a sweet fast ride. 750 six speed I would buy it bit, I would kill myself on it. Old gits got to know their limitations

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