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  1. Anyone riding the new Tiger 800 XCx? If so can you give a report? I was about to pull the pin on the F800GS but with the reduced price on the Tiger 800 I'm re-thinking my plan. Tried calling Britbike a couple times but no one seems to answer the phone?

  2. They are not currently available. First models hitting the showrooms Q1 next year I've read.
  3. The 800XCx is a Fantastic Bike and there are multiple Guys made Orders already! Unfortunately Delivery Time is now 6 Months due to all those Orders! But Delivery Time is still 4 Months I heard for the GS so either way You will be waiting! So You won't see any New XCx on the Road till middle of 2015 I am Guessing? Likewise You will have to just read the Test Reports in a Magazine until someone actually gets theirs here?
  4. Reply from BritBike from website email request:

    "Due to a lot of people reserve the bike. deposit on the bike now will receive it in August 2015"

    F800GS, BMW told me 4 months wait.

    I think I'm ok to wait for the Triumph 800. I'll make a trip into Britbike in the new year and decide.

  5. Anyone have a confirmed delivery date yet for the 2015 800XCx? Mines on order but they only would give me August as a date.
  6. I regularly look at the Thai Tiger 800 XC FB page and no one has received their bikes yet. A few Thai riders have sold their deposits on for cost price (20K THB), quoting May delivery date.

    Pretty poor show considering the bikes are assembled locally :(
  7. The First Batch will be released in Thailand this April so next Month! Not Long now!
  8. Good things come to those who wait...

  9. Seeing on FB some Thai riders have picked up their new Tiger's from RCA in BKK. One rider quoted insurance from Thai Sri at 25,422฿.

  10. Theres one for sale on Bahtsold for 450000b

    I think its the XC tho not sure if it was brought out earlier
  11. I called Triumph last Tuesday to ask when in August I should receive my 800XCx. The sales man said he could have one for me on Friday! Picked it up yesterday, 2 months early!

    I put 150 km on it riding home. First impression is very good. Lots of power, smooth and good suspension. I've read many guys say the sound on the Triumph triple engine is intoxicating and I have to agree. Didn't play with the rider modes much as traffic was crazy all the way. Will head out today on some quieter roads to play with the settings.

    Triumph recommended insurance was 22,478b. I asked for Thai Sri and they told me it would be around 25,000b but I couldn't get it until Monday. Didn't want to ride out of Bangkok without insurance so I took the cheaper option which they said was the same coverage.

    They apologized a couple time for not having an english owners manual for me but said they have ordered them and I should have one in a couple weeks.

    Overall a pleasant experience dealing with them. Will have to wait and see how the first service goes.

  12. Its a beautiful bike.
    Ride safe!
  13. Triumph in Chiang Mai have been delivering the the XCx for the past three weeks or so but whats a little bit concerning is that there will be no more Scramblers in its current form.

    Apparently, due to some EU regulation, all new bikes have to be water cooled and so that will be the case for the new Scrambler and Bonnie. Whats the world coming to????

    Does any one know any thing about this?
  14. I am currently just short of 49,000km on my 2015 800 XCx. Love the bike. The suspension has become weak now. Trying to find someone to service the WP shock seems to be impossible in Thailand so I'm upgrading it to Wilbers. We'll see how that goes.

    Getting parts for the bike seems to be an issue. I can have parts from worldoftriumph.com out of the UK in 5 to 7 days depending what day I order and if I'm willing to pay the shipping costs. Brit Bike doesn't seem to carry much for spare parts other than brake pads and oil filters. They told me it would take about 4 weeks if I wanted to order items they didn't have. So I guess a bit of pre planning is required if you want to run this bike long term.

    I'm very happy with the bike overall but if you want to keep it reliable while racking up the kilometers you need to be aware of the long term costs and be willing to do the maintenance yourself. My plan is to run the bike to 100,000km then replace it. Maybe with a new version of the same bike unless I see something better on the market when the time comes.

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