8000 km on a click,part 5 Thasi-Nong-Khiaw(via Vientiane)

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    Thasi-Paksan (via Bolikhan)
    When leaving thasi ,there's a good river to cross.Not deep but very wide.A farmer help me out with is tractor.On the other side it gets really muddy (end of january).Also ,locals said that it wouldn't be possible to go with the click but having heard that before ,i didn't bother.
    Well it was actually really muddy !!!But of course the click made it.( on the other side of the river you need to go to the village then go around the mountain on the right).Not very far after ,there is a obvious jct,if you turn left (up a hill), you're heading to Phavieng,then Paksan.If you keep going straight,its going to Thatom,xaysombounes.I didn't go that way but my friend did and he had to bribe the police at some point to pass because of the restricted area.
    In pha vieng,its back on tarmac to paksan.

    Paksan-vientiane (via 13 )
    Main rd,nice scenery
    Stayed at ekalath metropole 140000, ac, parking

    Vientiane-Vang vieng via 13
    Main rd again
    Stayed at orchid. island bar very loud at night.This backpaker getto isn't getting any better.Too bad because the scenery around town is really nice

    Vang vienglLuang prabang 13
    Nice windy rd,scenery also nice.
    Had to stop at a police control about 20km before L-P.They said i could go any further..Showed them all the papers i had and told them that i really doubted that 20 km from L_p ,a unesco heritage town that it was a restricted area.
    After some talking they agredd to let me go but said that i was riding illegaly because i had the lights turned on on days.(thai bike).I knew cambodia had that stupid law but wasnt aware that laos aswell.
    So anyway.they asked 100 000kips and i got away with 20 000kips.After that ,it was duct tape on the head beams on days.
    Stayed at Phylaylack villa. 110000 kips,nice,clean and quiet

    Luang prabang-Nong khiaw ( via Pakxeng, vieng kham)
    North on the 13.After the bridge in vieng savang, turn right. Nice gravel rd until pakxeng.After Pakxeng village go left up the hill at the y jct.It climbs for a while.After , the rd gets narrower,nice scenery on the ridge.At the next y jct.goleft.At sam soun, its back on tarmac.Nice windy rd to nong khiaw.
    Sunset g-h, 150000 breakfast incl.

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