8000 km on a click,Sepon-Thasi

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    Rd 28a to villabury,then i missed the right turn to paksaa so i kept going on the 10 until about 10km before houaymathao,turned north there towards xaybuathong.Then left to mahaxay.Nice scenery around xaybuathong.
    Stayed at the thakhek travel lodge,90000kips big clean rooms,hot water,fan
    Also had some maintenance done at the honda dealer.(good mechanic)

    Thakhek-Nahin(rd 12 via Lak60,nakai,lak20,rd8)
    This road has changed a lot since a few years because of the dam project.I think it was a lot better before.Now its wide gravel rd beside floaded forest most of the time.
    Stayed at mithuna g-h.Good place,friendly owner(mon),but since Ralph is gone it has not change for the best.
    Also ,there's a nice place by the river ,maybe 5 minutes ride from nahin.Some sort of a resort.Forgot the name.I went there with a local gal for a drink.I didnt had a look at the bungalows but they seem nice and its a really quiet place,not by the main road.

    Nahin-Thasi (via viengthong)
    That is a really nice ride.Couldnt make it to Thaton because the rd was closed for a few hours (major road work).
    The rd to Viengthong is nice and fast,(another dam project there),after was also very nice.
    There's a long section in the jungle without villages,(maybe 80km),so make sure to fuel the bike in viengthong.Fuel was also available in the next 2 or 3 villages after viengthong.Maybe 20 km further..after that there's nothing.
    It was already very dark when we got into Thasi,so we slep in the restaurent on the left side of the rd almost at the end of the village.Friendly family,good soup.They don't have any rooms but set up a mosquito net in the "garage" for us...

    Attached files 268055=3398-034. 268055=3401-035. 268055=3404-036. 268055=3407-037. 268055=3399-038. 268055=3402-039. 268055=3405-040%20Mahaxay%20area. 268055=3400-043%20Kong%20lor%20cave%20(nahin). 268055=3403-047%20Told%20you%20this%20pic%20would%20end%20up%20on%20the%20net%20!. 268055=3406-048%20Thasi.

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