8000 km on a honda click! part 2,Chong mek border to Sekong

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    So i went to the Chong Mek border, parked the click by the gate and went inside to get my passport stamped.I then exit on the other side and tried to just walk back outside to get my bike ! Ya right ! Of course ,it didnt work.After my failure to cross the cambodian border ,i thought i'd give it a try this way...
    Once again,the fact that the bike was just 110 cc was botthering them big time.The immigration guy didnt care as long as the customs accept.Which they did after a lot of discution.
    When they agreed to let me in,they we're very nice and did all the paperwork for me.I just had to go back inside to do 2 photocopies of my passport and 2 of the letter of the owner of the bike.Then i could procede to get my lao visa.(which btw is 42$).
    Next stop ,AIG inssurance office,more paperwork and 61700kips later i was good for 1 month.Also had to pay 200 bt for the customs.(iam not sure about that one...)
    The all process took about 1 hour,quite fast.Everybody was friendly and helpful.
    I then went staight to pakse and stayed at pakse hotel.cheepest room 180000kips nice and clean.
    Gt rider map available at green discovery.

    Pakse-Attapeu (rd16 via pakxong,lak12,houay..)
    Section between Pakxong and Lak12 is a bit shitty on a girly bike,huges potholes.After that,its a very nice dirt rd.Katamtok waterfall is on the way.(turn right at the y jct,see pictures)In poukham,went south to attapeu on the rd 11(tarmac).
    Stayed at palace hotel 100000k ok place
    Very quiet town,disco was death

    Attapeu-Sekong (via xaisetha-Paam )
    Quite easy rd to Paam.After that ,not sure of the rd i took.I guest it was more than 100km.Really nice scenery,the dirt rd didnt look old.About 3 rivers to cross,not deep in january.Maybe i was on the small red line on the gt map via houay yet ?
    At the end the rd gets rougher.The last 20 km were under heavy construction.(new rd to viet-nam,i guest)
    Stayed et the hotel across the river ferry.100000 a/c,hot water fridge ,tv... Khanting resto was good.

    the rest in part 3

    Attached files 268028=3375-003%20rte%2016E%20between%20paksong%20and%20lak12. 268028=3378-004%20Katamtok. 268028=3381-005%20jct%20to%20katamtok. 268028=3384-006. 268028=3376-007. 268028=3379-008%20after%20paam. 268028=3382-009%20north%20of%20paam. 268028=3377-011. 268028=3380-015%20petrol%20station. 268028=3383-018%20ferry%20bto%20sekong.

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