8000 km on a honda click!

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    Hi,this trip happened from the 8 of january till the 14 of march 2010.Sorry it took me so long to post it...
    My mother tongue isn't english,so i'll do my best to make this as clear as possible.

    I rented the bike in PakChong (thailand) and had to wait for a few days to get the paper from the owner so i could drive the bike outside of thailand ,so i went for a ride in issan.
    Here's the trip.
    Pakchong -khorat(rd 2)
    Nothing special here.I was quite late when i finished all the renthal paper work so i just took the main rd so i could get to khorat before darkness.
    Stayed at Siri hotel (044-241556)nice and clean rooms a/c ,hot water,breakfast incl. 500bt

    Khorat-Roi-et (rd2-207-202-214 ) (missed the 2045!)
    All tarmac rd.Nice little town with a lake in the city center.
    Stayed at Petcharat,nice and clean near the nightlife area.

    Roi-et-KhonKaen (rd23-208-2)
    Again,nice roads,easy travelling.
    Stayed next door of orchid hotel. very nice rooms. ac,hot water 400bt
    Also recommend Didine resto behind pullman hotel.

    Khon-kaen-Phu kradung (rd12-201)
    Nice scenery on the 201.
    Stayed at salina g-h.Small bungalows 800bt,a/c hot water.Could be cleaner but the best i found .% min. out of town,on the other side of the lake.Also the food is just ok.

    Same rd than before.Got the call from the honda dealer to tell me that the letter was ready so i just went back as fast as i could..

    Khorat-surin (rd 226)

    Surin-Cambodia ( i wish!!!)rd214 then 2338-2328-2341-2235-221
    1st border i tried it wasnt clear why i couldnt make it.Because of the conflict they have ,they said that if they would let me go with a thai registered bike ,all the cops would arrest me...I told them i would deal with that when it happens but...Then they told me there was too many motorbikes on the roads in cambodia..I told them there was still room for 1 more !Than the final call was that the cylinder off the bike was to small.Anyway,even after begging them they wouldnt let me go.
    2nd border.Didnt even came close to cross !!!
    So after all that i tried to go to the prasat preah vihear.Ya right !The army wouldnt let me go.
    I had enough for that day and just went to ubon (rd 221-2085-2178-24)
    Stayed at ubon hotel 500bt ac,bath. just ok,getting old.Would recommend more the newer section of tokyo hotel or sri isan hotel.

    After all that ,i decided to forget about cambodia and went back,again ,to Laos.
    See next post for the rest.
    Ho! ya ,i know this is not about laos and iam in the laos column but its kindda of just a intro to the real post and theres no real info here anyways.

    Attached files 268026=3373-001%20phu%20kradung%20area%20(Small). 268026=3374-002%20issan%20lake%20(Small).

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