9 day trip in August, where would you go?

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  1. Hi,

    Me and some of the guys at work are planning a 9 day trip for August and were hoping for some suggestions. We are hoping to for mostly dirt roads. Some of us have done some riding in the North of Thailand and Vietnam and are hoping for somewhere new. Where would you go? BTW we will need to rent bikes if that effects your suggestion.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Since you are located in Bangkok, I assume you know the seasonal weather patterns etc for the region. So a 9 day August trip where "we are hoping to for mostly dirt roads" is likely to be mostly muddy roads, with the potential for so much mud as to be impassable/impossible. If that is your intent, good on you for having more moxie than I but be prepared for a seriously physically exhausting 9 days. As far as where to go, this site has vast info available on virtually every road (dirt or tarmac) in the kingdom. Either through the GT-Rider maps, David's book "A motorcycle guide to the GT", or from the hundreds of trip reports. Read through these to get an idea of what interests you and your group.

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