900 Vulcan

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by ray23, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. I got a mail from a guy saying that it will blow the cans at 140 Plus
    First of all I have no idea what cans are. Maybe it was typo and he meant cams.

    Secondly 900 cc 140 should not be struggle for that bike anyone heard of anything like this?

    Never minbd Just found the Capt's post, doesn;t sound like that at all.
  2. Well your l;ink solved all my quesions Thanks When you comng up this way again?
  3. If things work out right, we may take short trip to the surin area and check out he Khmer riuns aroud there. Yuo know play tourist again,
  4. Ray do you have anymore info on blowing the 900 Vulcan cans ( mufflers ) ? They are all show the actual internal pipe is very narrow as if they would cause the engine to have a attack of asthma. I think the bikes ok but will wait awhile before deciding between Vulcan and ER-6N. Cheers
  5. no that was all that I had.
  6. Yes I beleive that to be correct.

    It's intersting there is guy here trying to sale me a new 1300CC V-star for 510K of course that with a dodgy book.

    I would love to have the bike but it would be nice to get a good book for a change :lol:
  7. Vulcan is made in Nippon.
  8. Confirming same as everyone else the Vulcan is imported from Japan and there is no future plan to change that arrangement. After seeing the ER-6N
    the Vulcan is more appealing to me.

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