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  1. I'm Huy, in Vietnam. Two weeks ago my motorcycle was broken by accident. I have ordered from my acquaintance but it was cancelled with no reason. Now, I would like to go to Thailand for the purchase by myself. I am wondering if somebody could help me how to get the Genuine shop of Honda nearest the airport in Bankok? I need to buy CBR150r2013 parts. My english is not good enough to communicate well and I really need a guide and I've never come to Thailand before. I look forward to hearing your news:|. Thanks a lot.
    Here is my facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/Tomskin8x. Nice to meet you all bikers.
    I dont know where to put this topic so please move it if i posted wrong direction. Thanks.
  2. Nobody help?? :"( So Disappointed ~____~. Admin, could you help me find the Honda head dealer near bangkok airport suvarnabhumi??
  3. Sorry mate, did not see this thread before. There are Honda dealers all over the place, but very few stock much in the way of spare parts. Usually you have to order ahead.

    I suggest you contact Brian at Sumet Cycle- he can probably help you out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sumet-Cycle-Company/115295601855129

    Best of luck!

  4. Thank you. I am very gratefull to you
  5. Why this forum doesnt have "thank button". I would glad to spam it. Thank you.

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