A big hello, and a big thank you, to GT-Riders!

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Ashmaster, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Hello to all at GT-Riders!
    I have followed this great sit for some time, and it is truly inspiring!
    I love the great photos and commentary from David, Jurgen and all the other members.
    I'm just back from my first trip for some time to Chiang Mai, which I consider my old 'home from home'.
    I have been going there since 1987 and have seen big changes. I still love it though, and have many friends there. That trip back then got me back into biking after a long absence. I now ride a Kawasaki ER-6F based out of London.
    I was so pleased that I finally got to ride the infamous Route 1148 to Nan on my recent trip. I've know about it since the 90's, and it was no disappointment!
    I really look forward to joining in on here.
    Many thanks for having me.
  2. Gday & welcome to GTR & thanks for the pat on the back.

    I'm glad GTR has inspired to ride again, plus tour North Thailand.

    Nan is arguably the best province for riding in the country - rolling hills, with swooping flowing roads; although R1148 is a bit of a tight one. I reckon that R1091 from Chiang Muan into Nan is the best way to ride into Nan if you are going that way again; but everyone will have a different opinion.

    If you want to know more about riding in Nan. Go here

    For hotels go here

    For restaurants go here

    For info & attractions go here

    Oh yeah if you want to post a pic of yourself & your bike go here

  3. I must also thank GTR for getting me back in the saddle I have met some great people and enjoy my time in thailand the more enjoyable for it
    Although my wife may not feel the same as I have 5 bikes now and will be buying more
    I stopped for years but I enjoy it more than ever
    Thanks to all the GTR guys who have helped

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