A Big Thank You to All

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  1. Thanks to the information given by the members here, we had a great vacation.

    The maps are great no doubt about it, David I realized a stiffed you a 100 baht on the map. afterwords likely story right :roll:

    Guess your just going to have make it to the Udon Bike week, to collect :lol:

    We left Chaing Mai at 0630 pulled into the yard at 1730 hours. Rode back with Tung Dee, the 400 got a work out, but held it's own. He showed me a different way back that cut three hours off the ride. Beautiful country had great ride. Kind of felt good to riding with him again. He is really the guy who taught me about riding in Thailand.

    Anyway thanks to all we couldn't have had a better vacation,.
  2. Ray
    Glad you enjoyed yourself & were able to meet up with a few more GT Riders.

    No worries on the 100 baht short on the map, you should have got your money's worth. When the next batch of GT Rider shirts finally arrive I will hit you up for one. :wink:

    We look forward to you trip reports.
  3. Would like to say thanks to all who had a part in the Chiang Mai rally this year. I and the misses really enjoyed ourselves. I really enjoyed the ride up and back from Bangkok. As well as being able to see Ray and Peter again as well as others I only knew via GT Rider and some other websites.

    Ray I will be happy to get the CD once made.

    I did learn a valuable lesson also on this run. I let a Thai guy ride my wife's CB400 Super Four up and back and ended up spending alot of my time looking for the bike and him while in Chiang Mai. Even though you know someone you think really well, it is not smart to let them use your bike. I am not slamming Thai's but they do not know how they should take care of someone else's property. Lesson Learnt.

    Again thanks to all.

    Dan :D
  4. I lend nobody my bikes full stop. Farang,Thai nobody!
  6. Haver to admit has never turned out well for me either. Let guy ride the Phantom show bike. Briefed him abot pot holes and to avoid them. Sure as heck drove into one at slow speeds and dri opped it. No big deal 100 baht got everything taken care of. But he never offered to pay for the repairs.

    Like I said no big deal, but an offer woudl haev been nice. If he wouldn cover a 100 baht waht wuld have been if it had been seriuos. Like I said a winning show show bike in it's class.

    So I would concur, plenty of places to rent bikes.

    We had a guy go down on a borowed bike a fwe n months ago. He went to the hospital for clean up. Took the bike directly to the best shop in Udon adn had everythign repaired. But the truth is that is unusual.

    There are still people out there I would trust but they are few and far between. Me scares the heck out of me to ride someone elses bike. I always think can i replace this if somethign goes wrong. So I don't do it. Have had few guys le me test ride thier bikes. But beleive me I am careful, don't ride them anything like I would my own.

    I really enjoyed meeting everyone on my trip hope to see yuo guys gain in Udon. Please if I can be of any help just let me know. I would love the opportunity to return waht was given to me by you guy
  7. Ray,

    It was great to meet you and your good lady in Mae Hong Son and again in CNX Bike Week.

    So glad you had a great trip and got home safe and sound.
  8. Hi Ray, good to hear back safe.
    Would be interested to hear about the route that saves you 3 hours, can your remember the main towns or road names. Cheers,
  9. I'm working one a ride report now, editing photos shouldn't be to much longer, but remember I'm going to Udon not Khan Kean

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