A busy time November - December

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  1. Doing the rounds the last week Ive picked up on a few festivals that might interest some people

    8-9 November Tai Lue Kathin Ceremony in Phayao
    17-18 November Tai Lue Kathin Ceremony in Nan
    23-24 November Tai Lue Ceremony in Chiang Khong
    23-24 November the Sunflower & Hill tribe festival in Hua Mae Kham.
    6-10 December 10 Hill Tribes festival in Mae Sai.

    The Tai Lue Kathin ceremonies were pretty amazing IMHO & the one I followed from Chiang Khong to Mae Sai last week was sensational for photographs. (Pix still coming = too busy.)

  2. Thanks David!

    So much to see and never enough time. I'm envious of your retired folk!

    The Sunflower & Hill tribe festival in Hua Mae Kham sounds quite special- I think I'll try and make that one. Will you be there?

    See you on Saturday in MHS! :happy5:
  3. A message from the TAT in Chiang Rai:

    "The Sunflower at Hua Mae Khan will be provide on 23-24 Nov.2012, the opening ceremony is on 23 Nov. at 2 pm. and after that you can see the
    9 hilltribes performance showing until 10 pm. and on 24 Nov.12 you can make merit with the monk on horse riding."
  4. Hi Friends, hi David,

    A large family, congratulations David !
  5. 3-4 December 2012 Kachin Manau Festival is on again in Mai Samakkhi. Arunothai.
  6. HMONG NEW YEAR 2012-2013
    There's a big one planned for Tung Na Noi, just out of Chiang Khong .
    The date: 14-15 December 2012.
    Tung Na Noi is on the GTR Golden Triangle Loop map.
  7. Emergency phone call just in advises that the Kachin Manau festival is now 4-5 December.
    Starting 7-8AM on the 4th?
    Good luck & maybe see some guys there.

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