A day at (???????) Jae Son hotsprings


Sep 20, 2010
Yesterday decided to go for a ride for half a day so not too far, and also wanted to try a new route, so instead of going north or west went east after San Kampeng.

I'm usually too lazy to stop take pictures while I drive but this time took the effort of taking a few+filming. Quality is not great, it with my mobile phone and video is taken while driving.

The road is not that hard to find nor to explain. Just go towards the San Kampeng hot springs, then as you arrive before the hot springs (on your left), continue on the main road and follow Ban Huay Kaeo. Once in the village follow the "flight of the gibbon sign", then the road in the mountains to Lamphan. It's very easy if you have the "golden triangle" gt-riders map.

First a few pictures:

Typical view from those roads.

At the hot springs. Not many tourists there (none on that day). If you have any thai driving licence/work permit/social card... take it with you, it's 40baht thai price, 400baht for full price :)

Small huts are available for rent, only 50baht per person and it's nice to take a hot bath since in the mountains it's not that hot.

Little picture of my new KLX which I really like, nice bike!

On the way back the sky cleared out (around 5pm) and the long road in the jungle was fantastic with a nice sunset.

[youtube:1zum2h51] /youtube:1zum2h51]
On the way back

[youtube:1zum2h51] /youtube:1zum2h51]
At a viewpoint

[youtube:1zum2h51] /youtube:1zum2h51]
Other video on the way back