a few pc tips and a bit of gossip

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  1. I showed today, 2 members, how to search for recent topics, so for those not sure how to search for the latest topics

    - after signing on
    - click on ACTIVE TOPICS at top of page
    - next screen lets you see topics since last sign on
    - if you click the window by 'last sign on' you can specify recent topics posted from the 'last 15 mins' to the 'last 2 months'
    - this way makes it easier to see what has been posted recently

    - to see the last post on a thread, just click on blue arrow at the side of users name under 'Last Post'

    - this is especially helpful when there is a page full of threads, and also if someone has modified their earlier post, clicking on the blue arrow will take you straight to the modified post.

    hope this may be of help for some of you.

    Now there is a rumour that a well known contributor on this board was seen riding a VERY PINK 50cc scooter, in Vientiane recently. The colour was so bad, his teenage son flatly refused to ride the scooter. Now I can't divulge any names, but I believe the person in question:
    (a) talks with a strange accent
    (b) has a recently powder coated white 1200GS
    (c) has recently bought a Triumph Scrambler
  2. A little additional to "T.J.'s TIPS". If you go to the active topics page and then simply bookmark it or add it as a shortcut, then everytime you sign on you will go straight to the latest topics.
  3. This refers to the page that has a list of threads/topics, no once you are already in the thread... had me scratching my head for a while, but I'm not much good on the nerdbox...

    top tip that one...


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