A good day ride from Udon


Oct 14, 2005
From Udon We went out through Kut Chop went straight instead of turning left. If yuo turn let in Kut Chap yuo wiil do a short loop going back into Udon. Ended up at major highway made a left at the T intersection. Came out on the Louie Road between Loie and Nong Bua Lamphu. About 90% of the road after Kut Chop is goof nice and curvy, but ten percent is rough but doable

Went to Wang Sahung then on to the mountain at Phu Rua. we up the mountain road and back down it. much eaiser going down.LOL Really steep in parts. They were doing burns in the area so the visiblity was really bad.

The ride was done in about ten hours