a lap of malaysia on a PCX 125

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  1. most photos are up at my travel blog but not too much info on the actual riding so a brief overview here.
    i can recommend hotels/bars etc along the way if anyone wants - i spend quite a while researching hotels to get the best for my $

    i came in from Satun province in thailand... then the route was down to penang and across via the cameron highlands to kota bharu in the top right corner and down the east coast to singapore...then back up the west coast.

    best place - so far is Melaka - just a nice town. plenty to do but maby a bit touristy for some. after the exact opposite in many places i have been its nice to see tourists and tourist stuff!!

    best food - penang or melaka but everywhere is very good and very cheap

    best party - ipoh! one street with a few modern bars and a new club. good vibe but take some $ as it aint cheap!

    best road - probably upto and from Cameron

    best beach - tioman (non monsoon season i imagine is paradise)

    best views - cameron tea plantation and just after entering the malaysian border (go up the small trail to the right for the full view)

    best hotel - the beach hut on tioman that opened right onto the beach (crap room tho but cant have it all)
  2. PCX are great machines ,,,, cruise all day at 100kph , comfy , reliable

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