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  1. ZCM

    ZCM Ol'Timer

    Wasn't sure what section to post this in, and hope its ok to post blog links (if not, scold me, but please don't kick me :p)

    Well, anyway I wanted to share a funny story from a few months back.
    Don't be put of by the super-serious looking Policeman, he was just being professional for the photo, and really very lovely in person.
    (*NOTE*: No finger pointing in this photo. Is this possibly a first for a policeman/farang official photo? haha)
    Well for someone (me) who has a fairly decent IQ (humble-I-am :rolleyes:), I often do the most stupid things possible.
    Ive realized being (apparently) intelligent doesn't necessarily mean smart. :confused:

    Basically I lost my beloved moto jacket on the Samoeng loop...and against predicted odds, i got it back again.
    I remember at the time writing about it on a Facebook Group, that I had lost my jacket...and Im pretty sure 90% of those reading it didn't think I would get it back.
    But Im a lucky-unlucky person, as I did.
    *I did have on alternative armor, btw, in case anyone was wondering why I was without my jacket*
    Anyway, I think its a pretty nice story and I think there should be more "positive" tales about these things, so I wrote about it here

    Btw, if you think my story is rubbish and unreadable, its ok to tell me :p
    If you think ive gone over the top with smiley faces ..you can tell me that too.. :cool::D:rolleyes: ..but they are pretty fun really.... o_O:confused::mad:
    (Can we get a bigger selection of smiley faces please?)

    Im new to writing a blog, but i have been writing on facebook for a while. Just thought it might be fun to share my stories.
    Obviously not in the same league as many riders here, but Im slowly getting those KM's under my belt!

    Happy Trails!
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  3. rcm273

    rcm273 Ol'Timer

    Sheeeeet .. your post on your crash is pretty bad. Glad to see you have a better helmet now.

    Open face helmets make me shudder.

    To post links to your blog without posting the story here isn't really 'on' ( multiple x "look at my blog here" might be called spam ) but as the site just got a facelift you should grace the site with your story of the jacket and put a link to the your blog .. people will look, especially if you contribute your local knowledge regularly, here and other places.
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  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Good news to retrieve your valuables Zoe. There are a lot of good people out there, despite some of the stories you hear.
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  5. ZCM

    ZCM Ol'Timer

    Thanks rcm, in future will post full stories and link at the bottom.
    Thanks for reading more as well..and yes, wasn't an easy time. Hopefully my story might help others. I wish I had seen my story about someone else, instead of it happening to me.
    But back to the jacket. .yes was really happy to get it back. I've actually met more good people than bad here. It's part of what is so good about living here. I'm naturally clumsy and forgetful. Thailand is very forgiving to people like me >.<

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