A Nice Week On The Road Day 6 And Last Part

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    Nan loop Day 6.
    For the sixth day, we had to make a choice because we had to return one day earlier than planned on Chiang Mai. Not wanting to get back to Denchai and then the boring Lampang road to Chiang Mai, we decided to leave early in the morning but to do in one day what we planned to do in two days.
    I must admit that 500 km is too much, especially in Thailand and when the trip is for a good part of small winding roads.

    So we left Phrae very early towards Na Noi by the 1022, the 1024, the beautiful little 4010 then the 1026 (regretting not being able to take the 1216 we will do next time).





    We then quickly joined Nan to have lunch and visit a new temple before heading west towards Chiang Muang by the beautiful road 1091. Then we returned to Chiang Mai via the 1251 to Phayao and 120 via Wiang Nua and finally the horrible road 118 currently under construction and in need.

    Some views about the 1091 road...




    Our last nice stop on the 120 road before reach the big and busy 118 rd for come back home toward CNX.
    Very beautiful and quiet place to have a picnic ...

    To conclude, we had great pleasure in touring the Nan region and surrounding areas.
    I must say that on the purely photographic and scenic, I preferred this region to that of Pai and Mae Hong Song, which is also very beautiful, but where the mountain views are often less developed and unobstructed. A special mention for Wat Phumin in Nan which is to my mind a real jewel and a must step.
    Finally, I think we made this trip too late because mid-February, the vegetation is already dry and we will return during the rainy season when the rice fields and nature will be green.
    In addition, our trip was too dense and we did a lot of motorcycle without enough sparing "break" discovery and time to spend with people met. Our next trip will be more "targeted" and will certainly have fewer kilometers ...

    Sorry for my approximate English, I am French and I hope nevertheless that the essence of my speech will have been understood 555
    Good road to all, ride safe and thank you so much for reading this thread and see you soon on the beautiful Thailand roads!
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  3. DavidFL

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    Fabulous report & wonderful photos.

    Can you tell exactly what road this one is

    because I'm "interested. "

    Agree on the timing of your trip - we are going into dry season now & the countryside has turned brown; however that does not mean the roads are no good, just it is not as photographic. And yeah the heat is coming on fast.

    With 6 days on the road can you name your top 3 roads & rides for the trip?

    Many thanks for taking the time to contribute - it is much appreciated.
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    Hello David and thank you so much for your nice comments.

    I'm not 100% sure but this shot was made either on the most winding part of the 1024 or on the 4010, I think the exact place is between the two red arrows on this close up of our course between Phrae and Na Noi.
    The 1024 and especially the 4010 are very nice little roads that I highly recommend and are a good alternative to reach Na Noi.

    For David GT Rider.
    Unfortunatly, i don't remember the name of the village overhung by this view in the bend of which here is the photo ...
    Regarding the three roads we preferred, it is very difficult because each road has its assets. For the pleasure of driving and for the stunning sight of the Mountain Café, the 1148 is obvious. For discovery and "exploration" lol, the 4010 roads (between Phrae and Na Noi) and the 4001 track between Tha Pla and Phrae are small jewels, IMHO.
    We also liked to travel the 1333 between Bo Klua and Santi Suk. I like the small mountain roads that make their way into nature, where the journey time does not count and where each new turn offers a nice surprise with a smile from ear-to-ear.
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    I like the small mountain roads that make their way into nature, where the journey time does not count and where each new turn offers a nice surprise with a smile from ear-to-ear.
    Exactly, that is what it is all about touring here. For me it's not about speed, riding fast & simply logging the kilometres.

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