A night in Soppong (Pang Mapha)

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    A bunch of like minded folk took a spin up to Vana Luang, just past Pai, to see the Red Lahu (Lahu Nyi) New Year celebrations.
    Excellent crew, loads of laughs and plenty of differing riding styles and bikes ranging from a Ducati Multistrada to a D-Tracker.
    First stop was to let people like me catch up
    The ladies were happy. I think they had already figured out what food to order on arrival...
    We came to the Soppong River Inn mid afternoon and what a top spot, despite a small glitch in the COLD beer dept. Soon sorted......more or less by the the most hospitable proprietor, Khun Joy
    And the ladies found what they needed. Food? More beer by the look of it
    Lovely terrace at the back overlooking the river
    And a good safe parking spot
    After dinns we went up to the village to check out what was going on and landed straight into the restaurant, well stocked with cold beer
    Met some new friends
    and the kitchen was running hot
    The centre piece of the celebrations to come, complete with pigs heads and lots of goodies
    and the lads taking a break from trying to blow everyone/thing up with any thing that makes a very loud bang:!:
    aided by some helpful adult assistanceweb.jpg?ver=13001022240001
    even the young gals were exploding fireworks in between putting the lippy on
    Concerned juniors listening to a lecture by Khun Boo on 'why its not so good to blow up restaurants' on the basis that someone may get hurt, after half a stick of something thunderous exploded under her table. Well, education has to start at a young age after all
    But then the dancers started to arrive after going around the houses paying respects to those Elders who, as yet, had not been blown up
    and slowly but surely the show began
    Building up a head of steam
    and the pipers came to add to the momentum
    and more and more joined in. They had the whole night to go with the celebrations as apparently, the dancing goes on until dawn
    Tired and exhausted by all the frivolity, we retired to the local karaoke bar for refreshments
    but still plenty of action
    but microphones were in short supply and so improvisations had to be madeweb.jpg?ver=13001023140001
    The home trip to CNX called for different levels of riding skills and hangovers to gather together as they saw fit and head home as and when they pleased. We stopped off at a new little coffee shop/resturant in Papae where a stonking latte was served.
    A great fun couple of days all in all. Thanks to all who were there for making the ride and evening so enjoyable. I am sure other participants have better pictures and stories to add to this, so bring them on.....
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  3. schackster

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    Ron, you forgot to make mention of your toothpaste incident. That was the best part ...
  4. The Goddess

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    nice photo :clap:
  5. Ian Bungy

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    Nice Photos and a Good Fun Trip, Glad to enjoy it with all You Guys! I will be up for any Future Travels if anything comes up?
  6. DavidFL

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    Certainly looks like a good time.
    I will endeavour to pre-plan for the event a little better next year.
  7. blackb15

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    Good story and photos. I stopped at the Inn 2 years ago so it bought back very good memories I ended up in local bar with Thai army and teachers on vacation and Karaoko and whisky so the hangover I shared.

    safe riding


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