A nod or a wave.


Sep 1, 2011
The concept of the 'riding season' is a new one to me; but it seems that is the case here in Thailand. Recently, I have noticed a leap in the numbers of big bikes riding through Pai. I guess many riders are doing the loop through Maehongson.

The bikes I see represent a good cross section of the bigger end of the market and it is good to see most riders are wearing protective gear from top to toe. (Except for the clot on the red Versys dashing around Pai, a la Tarzan). A group of riders on Ultraglides and 'Wings passed me from the opposite direction today as I headed for my usual coffee at the top of the range. Six riders, dressed from head to feet in custom shiny black leathers tootled past and every one of them ignored my wave. I wonder why this is.

Perhaps they are new to mountain riding and are not happy to prise a hand from the bars to wave an acknowledgement, perhaps they are aliens on a mission to destroy the Earth, or, perhaps they are just topped up with attitude and deem waving to a bloke on a lesser machine (point of conjecture here!) just a little too humbling.

I am a waver/nodder and like to say g'day to like minded souls who hit the road on two wheels, irrespective of the size or make of machine they separate from the tar.

I don't think a failure to wave back or nod is necessarily ignorant, but anything that brings a little sunshine into the day is always welcomed. I sometimes fail to respond to a wave if I am, at the time, carving it through a bend; but if I can't respond I always feel the other rider is mouthing 'wanker' into his face shield....and despite what has been said to my face on occasion, I try desperately hard to not be a wanker.

Anyway, if you are passing through Pai en route to either Chiangmai or Maehongson and I wave to you, I am offering a genuine greeting to a fellow traveller...and, if you want a mate to ride with for a few kays either side of Pai...let me know through the forum....I don't need much of an excuse to go for a ride.


Dec 18, 2007
Nice one Ozjourno.

Echo my sentiments as well. I always try to raise a hand or nod to other bikers.