A Pleasant Sunday Morning Ride Out Of Chiang Rai.

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    A pleasant Sunday morning ride out of Chiang Rai.

    I’ve been looking at doing some riding in this area for a while now, most of its all new to me, but it’s probably nothing new to the locals.

    I decided I would do a small loop out of Chiang Rai to the west, and be back around lunchtime for a snack.

    So, I pulled on the riding gear, jumped on the KLX, and headed east out of town. The wonderful thing about Chiang Rai is from the centre of the city, to the nice rural riding is less than 10 minutes.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (1).JPG

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (4).JPG

    It had been raining for a few days, so these narrow concrete roads are brilliant when to the mud trails are just too slippery.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (5).JPG

    Ok..I’m heading in the right direction. I think.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (6).JPG

    Really nice through here. Love coming across oasis’s like this. Tea plantation I’m guessing.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (7).JPG

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (8).JPG

    What a place to grow up..no traffic and no BS.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (9).JPG

    Sort of the end of the road. Well, in the wet season anyway.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (10).JPG

    This track went up to the Huai Kaew waterfalls. I wasn’t sure if you could ride to falls or not, but the track looked a little slick so I parked the Kawasaki and headed off on foot.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (11).JPG

    It worked out that it was a walking trial anyway, and as you can see a pretty wild walking trial at that… although Brianbkk would have seen this as heaven. He sees rocks like these ones, as kids see Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. Just cant get enough, and the bigger the better.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (12).JPG

    About 50 metres up the rocky trial you get to the waterfall. Unlike most waterfalls in Thailand, this one was pretty big, and looked impressive. Downside was there was so many mosquitoes.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (13).JPG

    Started heading back. Look at that track, so “mint” as the young fellas would say. I’ll say its spot on.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (14).JPG

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (15).JPG

    I stopped for a drink where the track meets the main loop about 200 metres from Pong Nan Ron.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (16).JPG

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (17).JPG

    All this just out of Chiang Rai.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (18).JPG

    Back on the road that basically follows the river back into town.
    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (19).JPG

    A couple of photos taken from the bridge. You can also cross the bridge and follow the river back into town on the north side.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (21).JPG

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (20).JPG

    I spotted this statue in a rice field on the way to the waterfall, and took a few photos on the way back. Quite an amazing sight.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (22).JPG

    My little camera doesn’t really show how amazing this is.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (23).JPG

    This is a photo of a new road being built. Maybe a ring road, F1 track? Anybody know?

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (25).JPG

    The heavens opened up as I rode back into town, and I arrived back at the hotel soaking wet. After a quick shower and a dry set of clothes, I looked out the window to see the rain had eased, so I rode over to my favourite breakfast spot “Nangnon Coffee” on Soi Jed Rod, for a Coffee and an omelette.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (27).JPG

    The best Coffee I’ve had in Chiang Rai. In fact apart from “Sweet Doi Mae Solong” in the best coffee I’ve had.

    Chiand Rai Motorcycle ride (28).JPG

    What a fantastic way to spend a morning. Beautiful scenery, nice roads, and finished off with a good cuppa and a feed. Now I’ll go jump in the hotel pool, and splash around a bit to relieve the tension of life in the north.


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  3. Rod Page

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    Good stuff mate.
  4. ianyonok

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    Lovely area around Pong Nam Ron, Rex. I stayed at the Akha Hil House there, last year.. Lots to explore on a dirt bike. The Lam Nam Kok is a wonderful park to ride around, great scenery and hilltribe villages to check out. But treacherous slippery clay mud at this time of year.

    Chiang Rai Trails
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  5. Ian Bungy

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    Great little sight seeing trip! There are New Outer Ring Roads popping up everywhere around Chiang Rai! Some Serious Money being spent on Roading up there! And Major Roads, not sure what is going on some Major New Plan for that Area as they Ring all the way up to Chiang Kong and Chiang Saen? Will open up lots of Land for Development once they are all finished? Chinese again?
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  6. ianyonok

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    It is quite astonishing isn't it, Ian. Seems like huge highways going in everywhere. I believe there is a ring road being built. The population of the province is predicted to grow significantly as I believe the govt see Chiang Mai as the tourist centre and Chiang Rai as an economic development area. It's obvious really, as the province borders Laos and Burma, plus it's only a day's steam from Chiang Saen to China, just over 100klms away, up the Khong. Lets hope they keep all this infrastructure out of the Lam Nam Kok N.P.
    I don't know if they have started yet, but I read about the planned industrial estate, in the bend of the Ing river at Boonruang on the 1020, south of Chiang Khong.
  7. Moto-Rex

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    A little more on the ring road.

    I decided to pre-ride the course to see exactly which way it went. I picked a Sunday when the construction crew would have their day off.

    This is start from the south, approximately 7kms south of Chiang Rai on hwy 1.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (1).JPG

    It looks like this for about 7 kms. Going to be impressive when its finished.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (2).JPG

    The bridge over hwy 1211. I was going to ride over it, but as seen in the movie the blues brothers, doing so during construction is flaunt with danger. Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (3).JPG

    From what I think is Hong Li road, it’s a real mess to the Kok river about 500 metres further on.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (4).JPG

    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (5).JPG

    New supports for the bridge that will go over the Kok river.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (6).JPG

    I turned around here and decided to see if I could get to the river from the other direction. The KLX is pretty good at river crossings, but it may have struggled with the Kok river.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (7).JPG

    The start of the ring road north of Chiang Rai begins opposite the airport road on hwy 1.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (8).JPG

    I rode about 300 metres out from highway 1 and decided that spending a day stuck up to my knees in red mud was far less appealing than have a nice cold beer by a lake somewhere.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (10).JPG

    It looks like the ring road will cross Kongkram road about 2 kms east of Wat Huai Pla Kang.

    Wat Huai Kang.
    Chiang Rai Ring Road 2 (11).JPG

    This is a recent photo from googles big drone in the sky.
    chiang rai ring road 1.JPG

    I can’t work out how to make a google earth link.

    On google earth. You can see for yourself the progress of the road if you zoom in.

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  8. ianyonok

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    "it may have struggled with the Kok river"..... hahaha.. very good....

    Thanks for the update. As I live in the province, I'll be using this quite a bit I expect.

    On Google Earth, if you look at the airport, you can also see the track of the other new highway going north-ish to a junction, then east, then NE again. Then from the other end, from ythe new highway from east of Bahn Saeow on the 1129, Chiang Khong road, you can see the next bridge they will build on the Kok, east of Tha Khao Pluek and the 1098.

    Then the eastern end of the 1029, from Kiew Khan to Chiang Khong, very clear on Earth,as they are digging out mountain, big time, for that part of the highway.

    Wow..... billions into these projects....
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