A quick plug ( if I may David).......

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  1. Since we moved up from Bangkok at the end of January to Chiang Mai, my wife and her neice and sister in law have opened a little restaurant. It serves Isaan food and is called 'Isaan Siab'. Located just before the Tesco Lotus Express on the Samoeng road (1269) the first set of traffic lights after you turn right off the Hang Dong road headed for Samoeng on the lef hnd side. It's a bit tricky to find right now, but I will stick a sign up next week. The food is great. Som Tum, Shrimp sprng rolls, Pad Thai, Chilli Pork, fried chicken, soups and a load of other stff, more importantly a good supply of cold beer, a Large Chang only 42 baht a bottle. Biker and Farang friendly! Pop by!
  2. Thanks chaps, will do. 8 AM till 8 PM opening times. And CS, yes! Hope to see you there one day!


    PS: Closed Monday's. If there is anything you'd like to see on the Menu, suggest it to Nan or Nisarat.....
  3. Look forward to it!
  4. Happy Birthday Muzz.
  5. ThanksCaptain Wally! Had a suprise visit from Captain Slash today at the shack. Great fellow, and glad we eventually got to meet. Next year is my50th, so hoping to have a big one here and I hope many GT riders will attend as an open invitation!
  6. Maybe I can use your 50th invitation as an excuse to extend my February trip next year.

    Hmm. Might have to put that to the missus when she's in a good mood ;-)
  7. Well, why not????
  8. How about a google earth pointer, a kmz, gps co-ords, or similar..

    Was in the area yesterday but not sure which one was yours. I pop out Samoeng way quite a bit currently.
  9. Good luck with the eatery Muzz!!
  10. Agree. I went out the other week looking for the place. Asked a lady at a som-tam restauarant opposite Tesco Lotus on the 121 close to the canal road junction about a "farang" with a Isaan resto but all we got was that a farang had a school in the same block. A sign/GPS co-ordinates would entice me to give it another try at finding the place.

    LivinLOS - if Muzz comes up with some infallable directions perhaps we could make it a joint recce with the ladies one lunchtime when I'm next off?


  11. Sounds good to me..

    OK so between the 7/11 and the tesco express ??
  12. Colin,
    Thanks everso much for the photo's.

    Co-ordinates are

    N 18 43 27 6 E 098 55 43 0

    No strongbow or Guinness on tap yet, but we'll se hope it goes!



    PS: They do a great Singapore style Chicken Rice next door for 30 baht!
  13. PPS: Amended. Open everyday now.....
  14. Muzz
    Brilliant meeting you tonight & talking bikes & rides & trips for a few hours.

    thanks for the hospitality.
  15. David, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you and Franz last night. A really good evening. Thank you bothfor popping by, and look forward the the 'step thru' run next month! Cheers, Muzz!!!!!

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