A Rainy Mhs Run With A Tiger

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    Just spent a week upgrading the '71 Tiger. It is an advertisement for Morgo now. Already fitted their 750cc big bore kit, rotary oil pump and oil pressure gauge. This time, fitted a Morgo mini oil filter, tucked in behind the carb. Original filtering is pretty basic, just a couple of mesh screens.
    Although I realise now, that it will be in the way when I need to get the carb off..... will need to loosen that too. But it's a new Amal Premier Concentric, so hopefully won't need to come off for a while.
    Also, replaced all 4 oil hoses, repaired a leaky Norman Hyde oil cooler (which sits between the front downtubes) with new solder on the inlet pipe, replaced the crankshaft and contact breaker oil seals in the timing cover, replaced the original TR6 clutch springs for heavier T140 clutch springs, put a new set of points on (Daichi unfortunately, not real Lucas, which are better) and fitted the ugly original seat catch. I'm quite happy with the mechanical points so I'll leave them on this bike. Now, off for a test ride.
    2016-08-07 14.47.11.
    Heading west, first stop was the Hom Pan Din Vineyard for the usual.
    2016-08-10 16.04.33.
    2016-08-10 16.07.37.
    Then on to the Preeya Mansion G.H in Fang for the night, 350 Baht. The City Pillar is just across the road and a very chinese looking prayer room behind.
    2016-08-10 17.33.25.

    2016-08-10 17.32.55.
    The Shan temple is one of the biggest around and great looking, although not so impressive inside I thought. It's a fairly new building, with artificial wood used.
    2016-08-10 17.38.41.

    2016-08-10 17.42.10.
    The murals on the outside were particularly attractive.
    2016-08-10 17.43.09.
    Walking a little further you come to the Phra Chao Fang Phra Nang Sam Phio Memorial. Sorry, I don't know any details, but we know someone who probably knows all about it.... It was busy with people for the Queen's Birthday holiday weekend.
    2016-08-10 17.50.56.
    Next morning, early start and heading for Mae Hong Son. Been round the loop a few times, but wanted to do it on this bike particularly. Uncomfortable, no sidestand, makes my neck and wrists hurt..... but a fantastic ride on the twisties and a lot more power than when it was built.. 3,500 revs and 50mph in top gear, then turn the throttle to get real low down grunty pull... magic feel and beautiful music......
    Weather was great, with occasional light rain to keep things cool.
    2016-08-12 06.43.32.

    2016-08-12 07.37.18.
    I must have missed all the mud and roadworks on the 1095 last year, from Mae Taeng to Pai. Mostly new tarmac and fun to ride now. Most of the time in 3rd gear on the Tiger.
    2016-08-12 07.40.29.

    2016-08-12 07.40.33.
    By the time I dropped down into Pai it was a hot afternoon and the bike did not want to tickover. In fact it was a pain in the arse, but has happened many times before. It just overheats easily it seems. I tried increasing valve gaps and messing with the timing but nothing seems to help. I had the timing set at about 2.5 degrees retarded (Morgo advice for unleaded fuel use) but thought I should advance it a little.
    On to MHS and stayed at Fern resort. An older place now, but still in a lovely natural setting. They have a 100 year old Mango tree in the garden.
    Nice room and good value for a special price of 1,000 Baht. But I first went to see Herbert at the Pizza Primavera for some fantastic lunch. His place is a must if you are in MHS. Not cheap, but the best restaurant in town for sure. Check the review scores; Pizza Primavera, Mae Hong Son - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor The Salween is fine for simple food but Herbert does a great mediterranean spread.
    Next day, headed back the way I came, as I didn't want to go further and have to come back anywhere near CM city traffic, with the bike not happy in the heat.
    Left MHS in the dark, heading north in light rain. Took it really easy but had a "moment" and a little sideways slide, coming down a steep hill into a hairpin with a missed down shift....
    2016-08-12 07.40.40.
    Through Pang Mapha and the Kiew Lom Viewpoint... with no view in the mountain mist...
    2016-08-12 07.52.01.
    Lots of bikers on the road for the holiday weekend. I met up with some in Pai, 2 guys with new air cooled Bonnies and a guy with a new air cooled Ducati. During conversation they all said they too have issues with their bikes in very hot weather, mid afternoon, sitting at red traffic lights....... Well, Well, Well...... that makes me feel much better about my bike.....
    Sorry about this photo, just makes me smile every time..... "Sathanee Ouak" The Ouak Station........ fantastic...... the Thai sense of humour....
    2016-08-12 09.28.17.
    Got back from MHS in 11 hours and the bike ran great all day in the cooler weather and light rain. Usual amount of oi leaks and lost/burned about 1 litre of oil in 620 miles. Happy days..
    2016-08-12 09.32.00.
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  2. Nice report Ian.

    I have usually gone through Fang and not stopped except for some fantastic Chinese noodles in town.

    Will have to spend a night or two and look around.

  3. Great update about the MHS loop that I had avoided during street repairs. You just enticed me to put is on a schedule again :)
  4. Hi Jurgen,
    Yes, I understand the roadworks were all finished last year. All good now between Mae Taeng and MHS.
  5. Great Looking Triumph! Another Job Well Done!
  6. Outrageously good fun on an old bike - just goes to show you that don't need the latest fastest bike in the land to enjoy a really good ride in the mountains of North Thailand.

    P.s. Indeed if you want to know about that memorial to Prachao Udomsin & his Lao wife Phra Nang Sam Phiw in Fang there's some info here.
    Fang back - a Fang meander


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    A great ride I hope to do soon.
  8. Love the Triumph,looking great.
  9. Thank you, Andrew. It has a split rear mudguard at present. It did have a break in one side of the rear frame loop for many years. Still quite rideable though. After I plugged and welded up the loop solid, the vibes have now caused a 3" crack in the bottom centre of the mudguard. So, I'll shorten th mudguard next. Wonderful bike, but takes some serious TLC.... haha..

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