A Roundtrip From The Eastern Coastal Area To The North, Along The Myanmar And Laos Borders

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  1. DutchMike

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    We made a 3600 km trip in November, starting in Chanthaburi province, where we live, heading for the North of Thailand while avoiding main roads wherever possible.
    In May this year we had brought our bike to Phitsanulok on our pick-up truck, to skip the less interesting part of a trip to the GT via Nan. That had the disadvantage that you have to go back to where you left the car when heading for home. So this time we did the whole trip (two on the bike) on our CB500X from home, took us 14 days as we were not in a hurry.

    Two days to get to Kamphaeng Phet (700 km) where we woke up on a rainy day, the only rain we had. We decided not to press it and stay another night at Tak, which we enjoyed... thanks to the rain.
    From there we took the 1175 to hit the 105 North.
    A short impression of that beautiful road that is a perfect alternative for the 12.

    Via Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son, Ban Rak Thai, Pai to CM.
    From CM we headed for Mae Sai, a beautiful road along the Myanmar border.

    Then to Chiang Saen, Chiang Khong, took the Big Dipper and Phu Chi Fa to Phayao, Sukhothai and another 2 days to reach home again.
    Great trip, beautiful nature, perfect weather.
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  3. GTR-Admin

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    Hi DutchMike - November is a great time to be on the roads in the north, before the High Season traffic peaks. The 1175 route has long interested me - I have done a few border crossing trips to Mae Sot from home in Mae Sariang. Often looked at that the hills the 1175 heads into and wondered what the road was like. I've just not had an excuse to go that way... yet. :) Thanks for taking the time to post the photos and video.
  4. DutchMike

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    The 1175 really is nice ride, very calm too, and only 85 km...worth taking it without an excuse :)
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  5. blackb15

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    Well done some good ideas I have done some of it but not all ,nice photos.
    Safe riding
  6. DutchMike

    DutchMike Ol'Timer

  7. Moto-Rex

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    Hi Mike.
    Thanks for the video on the 1175. Looks like a good ride.
    I made the mistake of riding hwy 12 a few months ago, and it is a complete nightmare, it has to be the worst road on the planet. I will give the 1175 a go next time for sure.
  8. DutchMike

    DutchMike Ol'Timer

    Hi, I was surprised to find this road in good condition, an easy and enjoyable ride. I did the 12 a couple of years ago, terrible, roadworks and crazy truck drivers who downhills were looking for the famous brakes fail.....

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