A rumble in the Pattaya jungle.....

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  1. Fantastic Sunday with the fellas at Khao Mai Khiew..

    Mike and I sawing a tree in half with the KLX's

    Some pics from the day..


    Love the knee guards




    Nice elevation.. look to the bottom left of the bike

    Pattaya in the background..

    repairs on the Pattaya trail

    Another nice gradient shot.





    The Weekend Warriors.

    Time for the maid to work

    Another ripper ride..

    Love the KLX and very happy to ride with a great bunch of people.

  2. Hell Brian You Guys down in the Big Smoke are putting everyone else up here to Shame! I don't see anyone doing much around here yet You are out every Chance You get! Well Done Guys! Riding Season fast approaching so hopefully I will catch up with You somewhere? Keep up the Good Work!
  3. Thanks for sharing Brian.
    Do you have the GPS track for this ride? It is in my backyard but I do not recognise exactly where.
    I am back in towns and please let me know if you come this way to ride again..
  4. Hi Oddvar,

    No worries.. as soon as I get the track of my GPS will email it to you.

    The best riding was in the afternoon.. We did some normal pineapple plantations etc in the morning.
    Ok.. but the real fun begins on the Enduro track

    All well marked out.. Take lots and lots of water.. seriously.. camelbak and a few litres strapped on the bike..

    You just have to go to this location and follow the track off the car park in to the bush..
    The Enduro track is well marked all the way through. If you are feeling fit.. 30 km to complete.


    Look forward to meeting up and a ride together.

  5. Thanks.
    That is one of the few untouched areas left in Pattaya. I drive past there a lot and always thought is was just farmland. Will check it out.
  6. Good time in KMK, for sure. Oddvar, hope you can join sometime soon.
  7. A top secret method for getting your bike under trees with out much clearance.

    Video credit:- Mike Hohman.
  8. Tomorrow is postponed everyone.
    Apparently very wet and the track is a mess with fallen trees

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