A seven-inch Android tablet makes a sensational GPS navigator.

Discussion in 'GPS Use, Tracks & Maps Discussion' started by PICO-PICO, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Hi Pico,

    I was eyeballing the Nexus 7. Was looking for a Kindle but for a little more money get some power with the little google tablet. I don't need features.

  2. I can well imagine a rugged version, download the area of interest and see much more detail than with a conventional gps.
    Perfect for exploring.
  3. I really like the looks of the N7 specs.. I use an ipad now for travel comms, skype, emnail, and light gps duty (trip planning) and I can see a 7 inch and 200 usd version being even more portable.

    But for an actual travel computer, despite having great mapping apps now, the design of these is often a compromise for use while on the rd. Water proofing, power options, mounting options, etc.

    I would have thought the ideal solution would be for garmin to sort out bluetooth and map / track / trip plan sharing better.. Plan with a tablet then simple share to the drive unit.
  4. I looked all over Udon for a Nexus 7, but they only have Samsung or cheap Chinese rubbish, so a Samsung it is.
  5. My wife owns a Galaxy tab 2 7.0 and it does the job perfectly, while the Nexus is obviously more powerful, it can be tricky to get one in Thailand.

    if you really plan to use it only as a GPS with 3G any 7 inches tablet with 3G capabilities will do the job, some Asus tablet are very cheap and run Android 4.x
  6. Nexus is very good but has a major issue , no SD card slot = limited memory and no upgrade , Samsung is a great machine ,,,,,
  7. Now that the price of the Galaxy tab 2 7.0 has dropped it is indeed a very good little device, an OTG compatible USB cable ranges from 50 to 150thb which allows you to extend the memory with the use of any USB pen drive.

    I dont know about OTG USB cables for the Nexus but they might be available for the same price.
  8. Tablet is probably great in places with good connection..today in the mountains between Mae hong son and Wat chan ,I tryed to open the tablet app and save the trail ,but signal was lost quickly.is probably because I was using a SIM card to connect?I am not sure there is 3G out there.Or maybe someone can suggest a good application for Samsung please?thanks
  9. Whatever device you are using, if you use a map app that needs to download data for the map you will need internet connection. And as Murphy said "When you need it its will not be there".

    If you would use it only to make a KML-track file of your trip then you only need GPS statelites and they are almost always available (except sometimes in big cities between big buildings and under a Skytrain).

    Remember also that devices like phones & tablets are not made to absorb all the vibrations from motorbikes (just as lenses of cameras but that is another story).
  10. Sigh....finding that out myself.
  11. true vibrations can be lethal.... :crazy: i guess the tablet could be used on 'good' roads only.no trails ..although i downloaded OsmAnd App and the thailand map as far as i can see where i tryed it ,along the mae hong son loop/around Pai it is not very accurate (?) eg. i just typed in 'huay nam deng' ,whre we arrive from off road trails tomorrow,and it doesn't find it..i think i'll end up buyng a gps anyway,any suggestions on models/maps appreciated.thanks

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