a short Saturday afternoon loop

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  1. Saturday 25th of August I finally managed to find some time, so Neung and me decided to do a short afternoon trip.
    We decided to go all the way to Hot and beyond, then the 1088 to Mae Chaem and then via Doi Inthanon and Chomthong back to CNX.
    We took both the CBR250 and the DR650 so to be more matched for both skill, weight and speed. 555555 - just joking.....
    Heading out to Hot is not a nice road as after Chomthong still under construction and VERY slippery, some patches with gravel in the turns had me ride sometimes a little sideways or involuntarily drifting through them.
    With the weather I must admit we were lucky so far as during this time of the year it pours down on afternoons, that would change as we soon found out.
    Made it onto the 1088 which is a nice scenic road through the hills and had our first stop there:
    We continued at a slow pace as the road is quite broken in some places. Found this nice little spot on a bridge further on to Mae Chaem:
    Had then a nice late lunch in Mae Chaem before we hit the road again for Doi Inthanon, well and that's when the torrential rains started, all the way up and down, highest speed I reached were 40 km/h simply because of visibility.
    Got the first chance to really try out my new Rev'it rain jacket I got from Pandarider in Bangkok and it passed with flying colours, both for comfort, keeping any moisture out while not heating me too much on the inside and the right size to fit over my protector jacket.
    Made it then to Chomthong and had to stop and wait for Neung for more than 30 minutes, so coffeetime it was.
    After this the rains stopped and we were completely dry while reaching home. Enjoyed that trip a lot as my partner tries to ride his speed and way, doesn't complain about anything and doesn't need to show off at any time. More of this trips to come, always on different bikes of course 555555....cheers, Franz
  2. Yeah! Franz and his Mighty DR ride again! :happy1:

    With proper road tires and a 17" front I see! :mrgreen:

    Good to hear you had a fun blast despite the rain.

    Happy Trails!

  3. Thanks Colin & Tony, soon there will be another DR to have fun with, my new/old 250 which looks exactly the same like her bigger sister 55555. Also this one is in SM trim and shall show the tail to any D-Tracker as the engine comes as standard already with 29 HP.......although an old one from 1991 but runs sweet. Still needs some serious work.....cheers, Franz

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