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  1. Woke up an hour early for a ride today bored so I did some comparisons.

    The 750 at PK Motors has a horse power rating of 41

    I was told the Yamaha had 41 horse power, That just didn't make any since to me with the engine size difference, But it does in fact have just that with a max speed of 170 KLms, or 105 MPH. Couldn't find the top speed on the 750.

    Now the manufactored suggested retail on the 750 is under $7,000

    Current price at PK Motors $13,500

    Boy that is a big difference, must be the tax. Wonder what they really sale for in the states, I would think over the $7,000 figure.
  2. A 750 what Ray? 41 seems a bit low. Even a 600 scooter has 50! OK 39 at the rear wheel but... Even if I plug 41 into the formula I get more than 105mph, I get that with 29hp. Ie. a NSR 150 SP will do 105mph+ 41 hp should be good for 190kph, 115 mph.
  3. The bike that showed the 41 HP is a new Shadow 750, seemed very low to me, but that is what they put on thier sticker. The 535 may do 190 but it is only rated 170 Klms, speedo goes up to 180 of course that means nothing. On the other hand the 535 is very low geared. Just finished a 500 Klm ride so a bit tired but as I recall from this morning that is also what the spec sheet said about the 750. I really expected more.
  4. Ah Ha there is lies the secret, so what do you think could really be achieved with it, remember the one we looked at was 41?

    By the way we took the mountain pass from Nom Sam to the river today awesome ride.
  5. It doesn't really matter either way is not enough from that size engine. There has to be something you could do to get inthe 50 range without harming the engine.
  6. Chaps,

    Reckon that the engine is probably choked up with emissions crap and could probably quite easily/cheaply be brought into the 50bhp range with a little fiddling of the carb manifolds & the exhaust. However, it's been a while since i was into the cruiser style of bikes, and then it was Harleys - same thing, complete crap horsepower figures, but a fair bit of torque, which, at the end of the day is what that style of bike is all about. If you want a mental crusier, remember the old 145BHP V-boost Yammie V-Max? Nuts!


  7. Ya I would bet you are right especially if the bike was built for import to Southern Califonia
  8. V-max is a great mile muncher, hired one from Pattaya 2 years ago, and went to Poi Pet for a Visa run with it, would have done a trip report but wasn't a member back then, so maybe next time, I do remember the hydrolic clutch line failing though, and we (went with a pillion) spent about 3 hours at a scooter shop waiting for it to be bodged up, the bonus was that the hire guy didn't notice the frames paint work when I took it back to him.

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