A taste of the 1148 with a stop at Chiang Rai circuit.

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  1. A last minute plan to ride the 1155 this morning (made for me by the surprise arrival of the wife's mother and sister!) was scuppered due to missing the turn after Thoeng and ending up in Chiang Kham so I just carried on and finally got to ride the 1148, what a road! I didn't have time to go all the way to Nan but will definitely do so soon, there was another 100kms of glorious twisties to enjoy after I stopped and turned back, can't wait :)

    On the way back to Chiang Rai I went via Pa Daet and Phan then dropped by the Chiang Rai circuit to see how things are progressing, looks good and JV said probably finished in about one month. This weekend they had some professional race instructors from BKK giving lessons/advice to about 10 folk (4k each I think) so it was closed to the public but I had a chance to perv over some lovely bikes.

    Now I understand why the 1148 is many people's favourite road in all of Thailand!

    Setting off from home on my Hypermotard.

    Yesteryear bike outside a coffee shop in Chiang Kham.

    Some of the awesome 1148




    A few snaps from Chiang Rai circuit.




  2. Thanks for the update. The Mae Lao circuit is really starting to look nice too.
    Thats a shame you missed the R1155 & had to endure R1148. But is that really your first time on 1148 & riding to Nan? If yes, have a crack at R1091 from Chiang Muan - Nan, as that will get you just as excited - faster more flowing & more consistent corners; a much smoother ride, letting you carry more speed & IMHO the only way to ride into Nan.

    If you want to know more about riding in Nan check out this GTR Nan thread
  3. Cheers David, I'll add the 1091 to the list! Yes it was my first time on the 1148 but won't be my last :)

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