A very short and expensive ride report

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  1. We did everything possible to do a safe ride and even with that things can go wrong. We even did a safty briefing in the end I was very thankful for that cause no one ran over my wife or I.

    The Culprit amazing that the owners cared for their dog so much that they bought it sweater to protect it from the cold. But, not enough to keep it off a busy highway


    I had always been told if your going to hit a dog hit him straight on, I remember thinking that as I saw there way no way I was going to avoid it. So I was doing all that I could to do just that. One of those times no where to go for me or the dog. Oncoming traffic coming now that would have hurt. Dog got scared and ran for the edge of the road at the last possible second.

    Lots of things happening real fast, Question did I lock up my rear brake trying to slow, don't know I know there were skids. I also know I just had the brakes redone and they were much more sensitive then I was used to So maybe I really don't know.

    The skids were side way brush skid, so I just don't know. Hitting them straight good as anyhting I can think of now that I have experienced it. I do know this, when my front tire hit the dog it went the same direction the dog was running. Not good folks get um to stand still :wink:

    The rear end felt the same way. Did that put me into a skid can't say, might have hit the breaks to hard. Believe me things are happening very very quickly.

    Mind you we were doing around 70 Klms before the accident. We had already been confronted with dogs on the edge of the road . Horn kept them out of the road.

    [ Accident1-16-3-1.

    The worse injury was a severly sprained ankle, note the front crash bar going into the foot board. My guess that is where it came from. Since it was my right ankle. Believe me since I have to rebuild anyway. I will have custom crash bars made hopefully that won't happen again. But that is no light bike by the time we actually went down still had to be doing 40 Klms. That is a lot of wieght and energy.



    An Amazing thing bike hit on the right side the left handle bar snapped at the T. After market bars put on the bike for looks not by me more for looks then anything else. So this time a good set of strong bars. Rear crash bars and sissy bar can't say enough about them. Wife had few minor scratch marks on her upper thigh. Guys tell me she stayed with the bike and rode it out. I know I did but I wa a bit busy at the time. That equipment protected her no doubt about it Also the bars and bag absorb a lot of energy on impact.

    Well I was going to post some more photos but photo buket is not coperating today. So I'm just goign to finish the story. I will say that the villager were very worried about me trying to get to the hospital, heck we were ony 20 Klms out of Udon. Not that serious.

    We actually ended up with a mechanic coming from Udon and picking the bike up. He delieverd us right to our front door. Question will it be ready fro the Udon Bike week. I really doubt it.

    Can't say enough about the guys on the ride list, stepped right in got things organized very quickly and made the sure the wife and I were OK. They stayed and helped load the monster in the truck not something I could have done. Finally convienced them that I was alright to go ahead and finish the ride and enjoy the day. One of those days one the guys had Mechanicle problems same mechanic came out from Udon and picked up his bike as well.

    Turned out the new road I wanted to ride was pretty much a goat path, hey at least I know and I can scratch that one off the list.

    One guy was talking to me about not going because his wife told him before he left to be careful that she had a dream and there was going to be an accident, I told well heck thats done I just did it might as well go. I missed seeing Lickey, oh well next time. He called to check on me as John from Udon has done several times as well. Nice to have good friends.
    I went home elevated the ankle put ice on it.

    It seemed to be good idea the next day and get an xray, rather painful. Well not broken that was good news. They applied a partial splint gave me some crutches. First time I have ever used them. I have a gained a lot of respect for people who do, real quick.

    My attitude about safety has not changed one bit. No matter what you do you ride long enough your going to go down, comes with the territory. That is a given what is not a given is how badly are you going to be hurt.

    We did this at 70klms, what would the results have been at 140klms. My guess a lot more severe injures. So I will still be riding my way.

    Wouldn't it be nice if the bike and I were fixed at the same time somehow I doubt that.

    Well Photobucket fianlly gave in. You got the story that goes with them.

    Last by but not least I was really rpoud of my wife throuhg this a real trooper

  2. Ray

    Thank god you and wifey are ok, bit shaken im sure.

    Like i saw always,bikes,cars,material things can always be fixed,,lives can't, sad abt the dog,as im too are dog lover,but that is some of those thing's what happens a lot in this country.

    Keep on smiling and good thought and Lessons from Mark Twain

    “Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that made you smile. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

    Keep smiling Ray,,keep smiling
  3. Not really disturbed just try to learn from what happens around me.

    I to feel bad about the dog, easy to avoid. But, that is up to the owners. I have two and they are not allowed to roam at all.

    I'm stilll happy and look forward to getting back out again

    If you don't have some bad things happen once in awhile how would ever regognize the good things
  4. Well a little update her one of the guys who was behind me called me. It was rider error. I had cleared the dog before I started fish tailing. So two things to remember in the next one. Hit em straight and stay off the brakes. Live and learn.

    Side to side three times almost kept it up :lol:
  5. Well now it seems 2 members "bit the macadam" yesterday. I being the other one, and probably about the same time you were having your fun.

    But, I wasn't trying to miss a dog. A pickup truck was trying to miss me, but didn't..!! The young lady driver was speeding. Can you imagine that in Thailand...Speeding. Well, she wasn't there when I pulled out onto the road, but all of a sudden I was down. Little damage to the bike and me, but more damage to her truck, and her left front rubber wheel molding was stuck to the side of my bike.

    Anyway, I got away with a skinned up arm and feel lucky about that.

    Ray, I've never been in a bike wreck, just a car wreck, but either way, you right. It happens so fast its mover before you know what has happened.

    I'm glad the injuries to you and Poi were minor.

  6. Well that was my third. Won't make that mistake again LOL

    How you doing ?
  7. Ray - glad you and your better half are good to go. Same goes for Xlinshooter. Similar thing for me a few weeks ago when a couple of girls decided to pass me on the right as I was making a signalled right turn from the center turning lane. They clipped my front wheel and next thing I know I'm doing a double roll. I was too shocked and surprised to get pissed at them. So much for a brand spanking new bike - she be broke in now!

    Also...update for you...GPS is on its way to me as of yesterday. I'll be in Udorn on the 15th of Feb with it. Will let you know whenin my hands.

  8. Hi Ray,
    Get well real quick or I may have to pop round with a bunch of grapes.

    From Peascrafts comments sounds like you settled on a GPS, what have you decided to get?
    All the best John
  9. The 450
  10. That would be Zumo 450
  11. That would be the one
  12. Bit of bad luck there Ray but glad to hear you and the wife are OK. This is why all my bikes have striaght out pipes on them, keeps dogs,kids,and small bikes out the way.
    Might see you at Udon bike week, I plan to take the new chopper if I dont go back to work early.
  13. Tough break Ray.

    Glad that you and the missus are OK. Get qell soon.
  14. Well about time you showed up Rigger. I will be there even if it's in the pick up. Ankle is the only real problem. afraid the front crash bars didn't do their job. I will have custom ones made this time. Straight pipes heck I'm already half deaf that would finish it for sure :lol:

    I have dual horns they gets used a lot, in this case the only hope was the dog didn't move. My stupid fault if I would have stayed off the breaks I would have been alright.

    The oncoming traffic was really moving actually looked like the dog was going to make it across the road. He didn't got panicked and turned back maybe twenty feet in front of me. Had enough time to know I was going to hit him.

    Everyday is an adventure :lol:

    Thanks Dougal, hate these darn crutches, their thinking six weeks but I think I will beat that.
  15. Yeh mate been busy as well I twisted my ankle at work on some ice so the rides have been short, except for this weekend we headed out to Pechubun and loie area for three days of riding and camping with the sarahram guys, excellent trip.
  16. Well hope to see you this time around been awhile
  17. HAVE BAG WILL TRAVEL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Some things can't wait forever so off to the mechanic, not bad under 25K baht Includes a completly new paint job and air brush work added the IROT Logo. Committed to having it done by Udon Bike Week, not betting on that one.

    Modified the front crash bars, to include an additional brace back to the frame so maybe next time it won't try to break my leg. Cause as sure as I am sitting at this computer there will be another one. Goes with the territory :wink:

  18. Hi Ray,
    Hope you are mending OK.
    You have all my sympathy as I had an incident 2 days before I was to go on Holiday on 6 Dec which resulted in a broken thigh bone and have been on crutches ever since.
    I haven't had a chance to post a report yet because I have been travelling. We had booked a family holiday in New Zealand with family coming from England and Australia and I was nearly a non starter, as it is I have been struggling with walking and driving trying not to slow the family down.( Down to about the speed of my 4 yr old grand daughter)
    All the best with your rebuild - bike and leg.
    PS> if you can get a hold of some of those short arm crutches they are far superior and more stable and convenient than the underarm ones.
    Already missing being on the bike!!
  19. Thanks Peter,

    doing well actually learned a few things in the process, So I'm more prepared then before.

    I don't think I will be on crutches much longer.

    Yep I miss riding.
  20. Nearly hit a dog on Highway 4. The big lump was just laying there as if waiting for death!
    Suicide dogs anyone?
    Hope your clumped foot gets well soon Ray. :)
  21. The Ankle improves every day, trick now is not rush things and have a set back. So staying at home hoping to get to Udon Bike week. Looks like the bike will be done tomorrow. Missed on the flames a bit but overall good art work. Wife likes um good enough :lol:

    Really no complaints guy did a good job and a good price. Was acuately ahead of time on delivery that surprises me. Art work is difficult what you see and what he other guy envisions may not be the same thing. But if it looks good, good enough.

    Amazing the tires were much more worn then I thought, so a new set of those. I'm getting to adjust the brakes so they don't lock up so easy.

    One thing I will say you a don't the brakes. Probably woudl have walked away without a scratch if I hadn't done that.
  22. Ray

    was good to seeing you doing ok when me and Dougal visited you and yes, next time we take you up to Dancing...

    See you again on 6-7.feb
  23. It was really great for you guys to stop by I really appreciate it.
  24. Well she is back, don't like the flames as much, bet the ladies all over the neighborhood do somaybe I will leave well enough alone :lol:


    Can't even tell it was in a accident now. Some of the things I wanted were not easy. Matching up those front running lights I have no idea where he got them can't find the replacement in Udon. But, he did and it matches the other light perfectly.


    Like I said the things I asked for were not easy, part of this is airbrushed and part is hand painted


    This was so funny the boys really checked the bike out this time. They always inspect it everytime we go out. But. this time 30 mins sniffng every Nik and Cranny. Got the usual two min. check today



    The culprit who did the work name is Um Owns O.Y. Shop in Udon by the Airport 085-000-6909.

    He had the baike back to me in ten days, I have never had that happen before, he was done ahead of schedule. Price was really reasonable 26 K ( $745.00 ) That not only included the repairs but driving out in the country to pick it up. Along with deliverv to my house. First time I have gotten a bike local from a mechanic clean. I definetly recommend the guy


    Actually rode it today, I did that solo. Wanting to check thing out before the wife got on it with me. He adjusted the rear brake, still doesn't take much to lock it up. But that could be because the rear tire needs to be replaced. That will be done next week. Got to tell I was sure gun shy of dogs. Man it felt good to get out again. So there I was with the back brace and a ankle support. It was a short one 60 Klms but I picked a good road with curves, so I enjoyed i. Look like I will make Udon Bike Week.

    Have one more peice to chrome but that can wait fo the heat and rain. I want to ride :lol:

    Wife wa really gun shy of dogs when I took her out. Can't say a I blame her. That hurt :cry: :D :D :D :D :D
  25. Great pictures and recovery on the bike Ray.
    Just your clumped ankle to go and then you'll be out trailblazin' in no time!

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