A Visit to the New Kawasaki Big Bike Showroom on Rama 9 Bang

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by TonyBKK, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Greetings fellow riders!

    Just wanted to let you know about a couple of exciting bikes that will soon be available in the LOS. While these certainly aren't "Big Bikes" I think they will be a good fit for Thailand.

    First is the Ninja 250R:
    http://www.motorcycle.in.th/article.php ... Supersport

    Second is the intriguing enduro-style D-Tracker 250:
    http://www.motorcycle.in.th/article.php ... introduced

    Had a nice chat with the friendly English speaking sales staff at the Kawasaki dealership. Learned to my surprise that they've been making both of these bikes in Thailand but they've never sold them in Thailand... What's up with that???

    Well- seems that's about to change- they expect to start selling both bikes in the next 2-3 months. They said they don't know what the price will be but they expect them to sell for somewhere between 180-200K

    Pricey by US standards, but considering the limited options for new bikes here in the LOS I'm quite looking forward to getting my hands on one of these.

    How to choose... Baby Ninja or Go Anywhere D-Tracker... Decisions decisions!

    Next I'll write about the new Yamaha dealership behind Esplanade on Ratchadapisek.

    Safe riding!

    Tony in BKK
  2. Those prices are much cheaper than UK price , £3,699 ($6,800)

    they would be nice trailies here.
  3. Well- I hope that the prices are in the range I was told today. Seems quite a bargain compared to the ridiculous prices charged by importers like Red Baron and Teera.

    The dealership folks told me that Kawasaki has been making the Ninja 250R in Thailand for years- So why in the world has it never been sold here? I asked them and they just shrugged... T.i.T. I guess... :roll:

    I wonder if the lack of motorcycle choices in Thailand is due to dealers misreading the market, or state imposed restrictions that limit what types of bikes the dealers can sell?

    With Bangkok's infamous traffic jams and fuel prices where they are one would think the powers that be would want to encourage more people to ride motorcycles...

    BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Yamaha, and Kawasaki all have big bike showrooms in the Kingdom. Where's HONDA? Are they asleep at the wheel or just not interested in the Thai market?

    Lots of questions- sorry!

    Tony in BKK
  4. I had a 250 Ninja years ago and can only say: this bike rocks!! Small, superlight, the engine revvs up to 14000 and it went 95mph on a good day. Of course it doesn't compare to a bigger bike, but it's lots of fun the way it is. Had the KLR 250 and got into Enduros that way. Would love to have one! 180 - 200K for a brand-spanking new one with tabien doesn't sound bad if you know Thai reality - - -
    I'm in the process of getting myself a nice clean 2003 Honda VTR250 with tabien, gonna cost me 150K plus alot of phone calls, running around, waiting and who knows if everything will work out as promised...
    Would I pay 200K for a new one? You bet!
  5. Cheers KZ,

    My last bike was a CBR600. Had you asked me before I came to Thailand if I'd be interested in a Ninja 250 I'd have laughed, but after a couple of years in the LOS and a lot of looking around, I'm beginning to think that big bikes here are just too much trouble and expense.

    I just can't quite accept the Big Bike prices here- outrageous compared to the US and Japan. Some day if I'm rolling in dough perhaps I'll throw down for a big bike.

    440,000 for a USED 06 CBR1000 at Red Baron (~US$14,000)
    http://redbaronbkk.com/products/item.ph ... 24-0000240

    The '06 CBR1000 retailed for just $11,299 in the US- NEW...

    I guess at Red Baron and the other official shops you are paying a premium for the peace of mind of a properly registered bike.

    Anyway- hoping I can get my hands on that Baby Ninja when they finally start selling it here, and then hopefully in a few years I can add a liter bike to my collection :D

    Man I miss riding!
  6. You speakin' my mind, man! I almost thought I read my own post. Yes, you're right on every point and I'm happy to meet somebody who agrees with me. But after that said we should be careful voicing our opinion here or we'll be labeled whiners who post crap . . . ;-)
    No hard feelings, ferocious leader . . .
    Yesterday I was asked by a good-looking dutch tourist if my bike is a Ducati - Honda wisely didn't plaster HONDA all over the tank - and I told her Ducati couldn't build a bike like that.
    She's riding a Sportster and her husband a BUELL back in the Netherlands. We had a nice talk, her husband was checking out a place called Pattaya for a couple of days while she wanted to go ahead south.
  7. You Guys can't be looking very Hard if you really want a Bike? Yes New Big Bikes are Very Expensive in Thailand :cry: But not all and this year as we all know a lot is happening so we can expect a much wider Choice by Years End :D For Now there are still some Good Value Bikes to be Had if you Really Want a Big Bike :?: Case at point: Check out the Buy & Sell section of this Web Board. JohhnyE has a 2001 Yamaha FZ1 Fazer for sale. I have personally Seen this Bike and it is a Beautiful example of a Great Bike. I would Rather have a Mint Used FZI than a New Ninja250, Yuck :oops: Leave those to the Thai Boy Racers and get a Real Bike :p Now the D-Tracker is a Different Story and could be Fun :wink: But Wait till the Bangkok Motorshow and let's see what the other Dealers are offering???

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