A wet weekend up North

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  1. Last Saturday, Nick, Toby, Toey and me decided to do a short weekendrun to Phayao. Getting up early and meeting at the PTT on Mae Jo road, weather looked promising. Full of clouds but dry. So we started to ride up to Phrao. Toby on his CBR250 kept up very well with the bigger bikes and Toey's first experience on a big bike went without incident. A short stop at the petrolstation where Nick got some chainlube on his Versys and I bridged the lights switch on the DR and off we went into the mountains on the fabulous 1150. Half way up the first drizzle came down on us and now the speeds got slower which had Nick, Toby and Toey waiting for me at every stop.
    Sorry no foto of Nikster as he was the one with the camera, I'm gonna make good on this one our next ride together 555555.
    Took some F&B on the 118 and went on via Wang Nua to Phayao. Down from the last viewpoint before Phayao we had to stop as it was pouring down.
    We stayed overnight in Phayao, Toby and Nick at the Arunothai Homestay on the lake, Toey and me at the Gateway, had some good food at the Krua Thep Restaurant at the lake and went to bed earlier as this was a pre-election weekend with less booze out there.
    Sunday saw the same weather, rain and clouded as the day before and we went in the wet to Mae Kachan. From there on the rain eased but still the first 20 kms were in the wet and the road very very slippery. Only coming down from the pass it got more dryer and we could eventually speed up again.
    All in all a very nice weekend with pleasant company. Looking forward to the next one !! Cheers, Franz
  2. Nice one Franz & co.GOod on you for getting out in the wet for a ride.

    I rode up to Chiang Khong on Saturday leaving Cnx at 3pm when the rain first started, & arrived in CK at 9PM. My usual time Cnx - CK one-Charin-stop time is less than 4 hrs, but with torrential rain most of the way it was a bit of a battle. PLus I had my new ARai helmet with a black visor, so that really did slow me down once it got dark = visor up & face big & rain splattered for a couple of hrs. Ho.

    Over in Nan the flooding looks really bad


    Go to
    Miguel's Nong Hoi
    more more news & photos from Nan

    The good news from Dan Sai this morning is that rain had stoped & the weather was bright & clear.
    I will now probably over night in Uttaradit on Thurs on the way down, so as to avoid a a mad early morning wet rush to Dan Sai for the 1st parade.
  3. Now that is flooding, can remember how high the steps to the Devaraj are, let's say that's at least 30 centimeter of water up front the Hotel, isn't it ?? Means also that the Hotel is on higher ground, the whole road along the river must have been under what, 1 meter or more ?? Have a nice one to DanSai ! Cheers, FR
  4. Very impressive to follow up from sunny Spain, cruising down Nan main street must be quite an adventure. I hope that CNX remains on high ground this year!

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