ABS may become standard in Europe


Dec 6, 2005
I think that ABS is a good thing, and that it is available on some relatively 'low end' bikes like the ER6 shows that it is getting to a price point... I would choose a bike with ABS over one without it, where it is available...

The fact that it is Europe wide is a good thing, because it will drive manufacturers to consider it for all models, and allow this safety feature to filter down to budget bikes, where it would possibly have a great outcome... as long as it does filter down...

The stupid Victorian state government in Australia bought in legislation requiring all new cars to have Electronic Stability Control... the market is so tiny it isn't going to influence manufactures into putting ESC onto vehicles that don't have it already, and requires importers to import two version of cars that have it available, one for Victoria, and another for every other state where buys don't want to pay for it... So effectivly they knocked a number of car models out of the market, particularly low end commuter cars, that never reach speeds where ESC would be an advantage... Stupid policy...