Access to China

Jul 6, 2004
I have just finished reading the SHANGHAI DAILY and this little article caught my eye.
Maybe we will get into China on bikes after all only time will tell.

Driving rules for visitors
FOREIGNERS holding an overseas driving license will be able to get a temporary driving permit from January 1 after undergoing training in China's traffic law and regulations.

But foreign journalists driving in China during the 2008 Olympics will be treated as "special cases," the Ministry of Public Security said in Beijing yesterday. It said China will adopt the standard International Olympic Committee practice of making things convenient for them.

But visitors to China will be permitted to drive only autos brought from outside China or rental cars.

Foreign automobiles entering China temporarily will require liability insurance and automobile safety and technical inspection certificates.

The new regulation also requires foreign automobiles to drive in designated areas and on designated routes and leave China by a certain date.
Jul 6, 2004
Hi Scott,
Good to hear from you, what ya up to?
I have sneaked over to Thailand, but it was on business, finishing off my townhouse on Samui. Going back to Samui on the 27/12 to put furniture in it.
I have been working in Newcastle for the past 12 months, so hopefully next year I can spend a couple of months up in the GT.
Doris is going well with over 60,000k up, next ride to the Victorian border in Feb. for the H.U. meeting.
Got myself a Triumph Speed Triple to hoon around on, its great fun.
Catch up with you soon.

Oct 16, 2005
Gday Tom , Scott and GTRiders

Im in China at the moment so i might just try and pick up a "temporary deriving permit". Ill let you know whats involved if successful.