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  1. Hi All,

    Not strictly a bike shop or bike products.

    Personally I find Amarin Plaza 2nd floor "Outdoors Unlimited" great for getting items for my trip.

    Sleeping bags, Knives, dry bags, waterproof laptop bag, tyre pumps, camping utensils, towels, GPS & accessories, light clothing as well as various sandals and boots plus many many more.

    Most of this gear is cheaper in your home country..

    If you don't have it and need it.. Save yourself a hunt around Bangkok and start here.

    Chidlom BTS, walk back towards Siam and take the left walkway in to Amarin Plaza..
    You enter off the BTS level and go to the back of the second floor.

    Getting there:-









  2. Thanks for sharing Brian.

    Looks like an interesting shop. Good to know that they sell Garmin and GoPro. Let's hope they have some Zumo models in stock.
  3. This shop was closed last time..

    Great for tents, sleeping bags, cooking gear and rubber boats!!



  4. bump for the guy asking
  5. Does anyone know where I can get small eye ball mirrors that fit around the inner handle bars

    Cheers Tom
  6. I called into Amarin Plaza a while back and was meaning to post. It was all rather dead - nothing like the fully stocked shops in the images

    I was looking for a couple of gas canisters, not the aerosol type - a guy gave me a card of a place in Chattuchak.

    I think there is also a shop in Central World across the road where you can buy camping gear and also North Face in Siam Discovery.
  7. I was in Amarin Plaza last weekend. Haven't been there for years. Totally changed. The big outdoor store is gone replaced with some small shops selling limited items. The little they had was way over priced.

    Wanted to pick up the new Garmin map from Gadget Trends. Response from the lazy girl in the shop: No have... buy from internet na ka.

    Waste of a trip over all. Now I know...
  8. Ahh .. Sorry, I went about 2 months ago and at first I thought I may have been unfair to announce its decline, maybe I was wrong, but then I arrived at this thread I was amazed by the old images.
    Yes, another victim of the Internet.
    Gadgetrend have their HQ in Ramkamhaeng Rd. I buy my RAM mount bits on mail order. There is a guy there, Art, who is on the ball and another girl who always follows up deliveries to see if they have arrived. I am amazed by their service. His email is [email protected]
  9. Agree a lot of shops gone.
    But a couple still there good for camping gear..

  10. I bought a Sea to Summit Trek sleeping bag from the Tank Store some months ago (they are supposed to have about 5 shops in BKK according to their website), and they posted it to Chiang Rai. But when I tried to order more stuff online or by phone they couldn't get it together, so I bought the rest of my camping gear on ebay.
  11. Tank shop in Central world.. But to be honest.. Over priced.
    I will do another scout around Bangkok in the coming weeks and update this thread.

    There are a couple near where I live that are worth checking out. Good prices, order online.

  12. They have shops in Emporium and other big malls there. Yes, probably pricey too.
    You have the advantage of being in BKK for direct shopping. But upcountry, it's often better just to buy on ebay. The micro cooker I bought on ebay was surprisingly cheap direct from China. The same items get sent to UK and US and have a name put on them, then sell for 5 times the price. My camping chair was selling for $100 in Aussie but I got direct from China via Ebay for about $30. Most things direct from China are often free or cheap postage.
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