Accident rider from Udon Sunday

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  1. The accident was in Maha Sarakham, not sure what road. We had ridden with the group for two days and speeds were moderate nothing over 100 for the most part.

    We had split up from the group and headed back to Udon about 30 mins prior to the accident as my wife was ill.

    He explained the accident that he was passing a group vehicles three cars and a 18 wheeler. Just as he got to the back of the truck, The driver signaled for a right turn at an immediate road. So the rider locked the front brake, knowing he was going to go down. That being a better alternative then hitting the truck.

    The guy was wearing full safety gear.

    I always try to learn from my mistakes and share them with others. I also try to learn from others mistakes. This was an odd one he had a small case he carried around his neck with his phone and camera.

    The impact with the camera broke two ribs in both have two fractures each.

    Other then that he would walked away with a small raspberry on his right knee.
  2. Damn, hope he recovers well.

    I'm pretty guilty of carrying a camera bag myself, but usually have it over 'n' under the shoulder so it rides behind me. But in a tumble it can go any way which way :(

    Did the lorry stop or keep on going?
  3. Finished the turn and kept going.
  4. Best wishes to Tung Dee for a quick recovery.
    On the memorial ride up on the way to Mae Hong Son, one of the guys had a low speed accident on a slippery corner with his wife on the back. She had a few bruises, he ended up in hospital with several broken ribs...why....he had a can of chain lube in his jacket pocket. Not something we think about when we set out, but this accident again reminds us that protection in the right place will help us and hard things in the wrong place can hurt us.
  5. Certainly not something I had thought of before.
  6. I think none of are exempt you ride long enough your going to go down. I think it is prudent to be prepared as much a possible.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting him he really appreciated it, He loves talking bikes, when he isn't on one.

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