Accidents Happen - then what?


Nov 17, 2004
We recently had a client injure an old man in Vang Vieng. While each situation is different, the standard items apply in cases of serious injury to yourself or a Lao citizen.

If you are renting, be sure the bike has insurance - it may cost you later. If you are coming in on your own bike, GET INSURANCE.

Toko and AGL operate at most border points and if you are concerned about insurance, I'll get it for any rider on their own bike for you in advance at not addtitional charge and email you all the certificates - Just So You Are Covered.

I do suggest you have a Lao Sim card or ability to be contacted without having someone in Laos call you internationally.

From our agent:

We’ll try to refund from AGL after the clients pay. Note the insurance to be covered if there is police inspection report. If not, no insurance is covered. Recommend to arrange with the locals instead of getting police involved.

1. Motorbike rider must have international driving license
2. If you have motorbike or car accident please do not remove the motorbike from the accident place, keep the accident location intact until Police or village chief come. They need to note the location, measure and take photos of the scene before anything is removed.
3. If you are in a remote area and far from the police, you need to find the Village Chief, (Nai Ban). They will make the notations for the scene and take the details. You will need to have his notations signed and stamped by them. Take your own photos as well, be sure to include the number plates of all vehicles involved.
4. Call to the insurance center in Vientiane immediately and give them all detail of your accident conditions.
5. Motorbike rider should pay for any cost during accident situation, refunds come only after the investigation is completed by the Lao Insurance Agent.
6. Collecting all the bills that you paid for hospital, medicines ETC to return to the motorbike rental company.

From AGL, Assurances Group Laos:

What should you do in case of an accident?

If you have an accident, please follow the instructions below:
1. Alert AGL immediately by calling our road assistants: 021-22 2222. 24h/24, 7/7.
2. Do not touch or move the vehicles except if it creates a traffic hasard. In this case, it is necessary to leave a trace of the vehicles.
3. If someone is injured, he/she should be taken immediately to the nearest hospital.
4. If the accident occurs in a remote place and you can not contact AGL, you need to:

• Contact the local traffic police and the local authority (chief of village).
• Make a report of the accident in conjunction with the opposite party following the claim form given by AGL together with document contract.
• Take a photograph of the vehicles or of the damaged goods caused by the accident. Photo should show the vehicle registration number and the damages due to accident.
• Provide the above details to AGL as soon as possible
Any compensation provided to opposite party without AGL agreement does not guarantee company assistance.

Compulsory Motor Insurance
By legal binding, all vehicles circulating in Lao PDR must have insurance to cover their victims in case of road accidents.
AGL Compulsory Motor Insurance is the basic vehicle insurance determined by the Lao government as an indemnifying tool for road accident victims.
Whether you are the owner of a tuk-tuk, a pick-up, a motorbike, or a truck. You are required to have at least Compulsory Motor Insurance for your vehicle.
Even if you are a very experienced and cautious driver, you may be involved in a traffic accident and there may be victims of bodily injuries or loss of life.
Drive with a peaceful mind, knowing that if you are involved in an accident AGL will reimburse the other party as follows:
> Medical and hospital costs in case of injury
> Permanent disability compensation
> Death compensation to victim's family
To get a maximum coverage
If you need cover for material damages caused to Third Party Liability which you are liable, please see

If you need to cover your own vehicle against damages resulting from any kind of accident, please select

Third Party Liability Motor Insurance

Third Party Liability of Motor Insurance covers your costs in the event of causing a traffic accident.
Drive with a peaceful mind, kwowing that if you are involved in an accident AGL will reimburse the other party as follows:
> Medical and hospital costs in case of injury
> Permanent disability
> Death compensation to victim's family
> Damage to property (e.g vehicle, object, animal and/or transported goods)
Please note that the Third Party Liability Insurance will only cover the damages obtained by a third party resulting from an accident in which you are responsible but does not cover you (the driver) and your vehicle.
AGL can also provide cover to you (the driver), and damages of your vehicle. You can also increase the cover of your passengers.

Please remember that Compulsory Motor Insurance is the minimum level of insurance you are obliged to subscribe to for the protection of victims of road accidents.

Complementary Motor Insurance

Why should you subscribe to Complementary solutions in addition to Third Party Liability Motor Insurance?

The Third Party Liability of Motor Insurance only guarantees cover when you are the faulty party in a road accident. With this insurance other people are covered but you and your vehicle are not.
Therefore, AGL strongly recommend subscribing to our complementary solutions which can cover yourself as a driver, as well as the passengers in your vehicle and your vehicle.
With AGL Complementary Motor Insurance, you can obtain cover for:

• Your own medical expenses, compensation for permanent disability and Life Coverage- Higher cover limit compare to Compulsory Motor Insurance

• Medical expenses, life coverage and compensation of permanent disability for passengers in your vehicle

• Legal defense in case the matter needs to be resolved in the court
Please note that you should obtain Third Party Liability Motor Insurance before subscribing to complementary solutions
For Vehicle Own Damage Cover, the condition and value of vehicule will be taken in to consideration.