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Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by matthew-max, Jan 30, 2007.

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    so, unwinding after 7 hrs of bikie shop hopping, finlay tricked/bribed a thai friend into helping me figure out how to find shops and help talk to them... we'll crap sticks... at least I have a few changs and a bit o sangsom to help...

    so as far as I can tell there's the choice of insanely expensive super shiny please don't ride me bikes in squeaky clean shops with no plates that'll be the cheaf of police's kids bike the first time they pull you over, or you can pay a thousand us (or more) of more for a dodgy plate and book... or there are some sketchy chop shops in back alleys that have only slightly over priced but twice as risky . well what great choices..

    so I ask this is Thailand really the place to buy a bike? can't I buy a bike in Cambodia or Lao and bring it into Thailand on a 3 month bike visa?

    feeling really discouraged about now so any advice is very much appreciated..
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    You would be surprised to find that legal bikes are available in Thailand. Get a trusted Thai friend to look in the Thai Classifieds and buy privately from Thai. I did and got a very nice bike (Yes it is a Honda Shadow but it is what I wanted) for 2/3 what the shops wanted. (They do have to make a profit after all). But if you do this, make sure the paperwork is clean, again a Thai friend can often help. This is Thailand not the US, think Thai and you will succeed, Think US or European and you will fail. Regards Peter. ps Good hunting.
  4. matthew-max

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    thank for the input! I haven't given up yet... :)
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    You could also have a look on this site: There is a shop list with some reputable places: Red Baron for example.
    Good luck

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