Action in Pattaya, Fast Ride Home.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
I Rode down to Pattaya for Burapa Bike Week and went a couple of Times once Friday and again Saturday. Show was Same Same and the Best Bike I saw there ( Besides My Triumph Tiger ) was this:
Screaming Eagle FAT BOB 110 Cubic Inches.

Standard a Fat Bob Costs 1100,000 Baht :!: This "Screaming Eagle" Cost 1,600,000 Baht :shock: But it Looked a Huge improvement over the Original and had all the right Bits. I also Managed to Catch up with Suki the "Dream Chaser" and Yut. Ex: BritBikes. Yut was very Helpful on some Advice, Thanks :wink:
While there I had a Meeting with a Local Legend Henry Who Owns the Flamingo Jet Ski Racing Team which has 3 X World Champions. He Showed Me around all His Toys and Trophy Room, Very Impressive 8) He also Let Me Have a Go on this Polaris

This is an Incredible Machine and the Best Handling I have Driven. The Power is Incredible out of the 760cc Twin Cylinder Fuel Injected Engine and Constant Power Slides in all Conditions are Easy. What a Blast, Top Stuff. Thanks Henry :lol:

I left Pattaya Sunday Morning at 6am to head Home and tried to Follow a Map i had been given on a Piece of Paper :shock: I headed up the 331 to look for the 319. Sounded Easy But What a Bugger :x I encountered Heavy Fog and was down to 70kmh and had to Ride with My Visor up due to the Moisture in the Air!, It was like it was Raining :? Anyway i couldn't find this Road and Ended up Just Programming My GPS for the Fastest way Home! This took me back to Bangkok and By the Time i had arrived there I had Taken 3 Hours :cry: Right I was on the Main Road Home and Knew the way so a chance to Make up Time. I opened the Throttle and amazingly I never Saw any Police on My Side of the Road all the Way to Chiang Mai 8) I was back at the X-Centre around 2 pm just 5 Hours from Bangkok what a Ripper Trip!!! Sure Beats the 2 Days Traveling Down :wink:


Jun 28, 2007
Ian, that was a quick one :lol: !!! Next time you have troubles finding the 319 :twisted: just give me a call even it's 6 o'clock in the morning :? and I'll direct you to the right turnoff.........I know this road now more than well, go there already on autopilot............Took me on the diretissima 5 hours 30 minutes to my home from CNX and that's a hefty 873 kms straight away and that's around 159 km/hr, so you were really flying up there :D , maybe you offer a shuttle service to some VIP's once business gets worse :lol: , cheers buddy, franz