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Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by schackster, May 31, 2011.

  1. schackster

    schackster Ol'Timer

    I stumbled across this add on Craiglist. Check out the reason for selling :lol:

    2005 Yamaha Spark RX 135cc engine.
    Odometer reads 24,000 kilometers.
    Kick start only, very dependable bike.
    New: tires, chain, fork seals/fluid, brake pads front and rear, oil change.
    I need a bigger bike, so I can ride my fat girlfriend around town.
    Includes ALL necessary paperwork, and green book.
    Plates and insurance paid until March 2012.
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  3. furyrider

    furyrider Ol'Timer

    Thats Funny
    I wonder what would happen if his girlfriend read this add
  4. CeiDuc

    CeiDuc Active Member

    Why does he need a bike if he's already riding his fat girlfriend around town :)
  5. furyrider

    furyrider Ol'Timer

    Well if she is fat enough the 125 could be a little sluggish especially if he is also quite large.

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