add-on tachometer - where to get?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by KZ, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. I've bought a bike which has no tachometer and I'm always checking for revvs and there's no clock. That sucks since even my little CBR150R has one. And on a bike revvs to 12500 it would be handy to have one.
    I've heard about add-on tachs which connect to the ignition wires of the cylinders, or maybe now there are more modern versions - any info or recommendations?
  2. KZ,

    As you have obviously got an internet connection, I've a recommendation for you - try Googling for the info you want! :wink:

    Myself and others use TrailTech speedo/tacho units on dirtbikes with great success but I'm not sure how high they read and as it is currently p*ssing down outside, I can't be arsed to check - a bit like you and search engines eh?


  3. Believe me when I tell you that I do my fair share of googling :)
    My buddy has a Faddy Daddy muffler on his bike and I want to know if I can get one for mine. Googled it, got some websites, scanned the sites, didn't get the answers I'm looking for, wrote to the contact address, didn't get any reply. Some sites are in thai which I can't read. And what about Yoshimura, Supertrapp or HRC... so many sites, so little time, I am employed and I spend almost every free minute in front of a computer...
    I was criticized before that I would let other people do my dirty work, but hey, I'm just asking a question. If you can give some advice, great, I thank you for it and I would tell you what I know if you'd ask. If you know nothing about the topic, fine, read the next.
    Maybe somebody just bought one in BKK, can recommend the shop, knows the address, knows the price, can get me some advice or recommendations on how this product compares to another one? Info I won't find on any website? Then I don't need to waste time googling.
  4. Hi Friend,

    Just visit RED BARON in Bangkok, they should have it, electronic ones !
  5. Thanks, friend! - I'll contact them by email; if they have any I'll post what and how much.
  6. You don't mention where you are? You don't mention how many cylinders. OK it revs to 12,500 then why didn't it come with a tach?(rhetorical) Does your bike have a single coil or multiple coils.

    Locally made tachs may go to 12,500 but Waves, etc top out at about 10,000 so I may be wrong.

    You want a Faddy Muffler why not surf for Faddybike. Personally I'd go for an Endurance muffler or an Aseamoto but if you must pay European export price, Up to you. Also there are a multitude of Thai magazines at most news stands.

    Why were you are? Because no point in suggesting you visit the Saphan Kuay area if you live in Hat Yai.

    Maybe I should get used to just not replying. :(
  7. Had a look yesterday at Red Baron's, they had a small digital black box for 4200 THB but it didn't really convince me to buy it. Talked to the staff - always polite and knowledgeable at RB - and was told that there are analog ones available but they're more expensive, starting at 7000 THB.
    Had a great time in their "parts hall" - tons of stuff hanging off the shelves and piled on the floor, from turn signals (400 THB a pop) to brake levers (adjustable 500 THB) to exhaust systems, simple after market mufflers (Supertrapp, Kerker Faddy Daddy aso) starting at 3500 THB with scratches and dents. Took pictures of the bikes, they had several new Hayabusas, some race track bikes - I had a great time! Unfortunately they don't do green books; they have a good reputation and I trust them with my money - maybe that's the reason why they don't do 'em?
    btw, mikerust, fact is that my new bike revvs to 12500 and doesn't come with a tach. Doesn't have a fuel gauge or temp gauge either, only idiot lights. Even my cheap CBR150R has all that plus a 6th gear... If you don't feel like replying to my posts that absolutely fine with me. In fact I think it's a good idea.
    Thanks, Silverhawk, for the link, I'll check it out.
  8. Checked my Vapor both on the bike and the manual. It's max readable RPM is 12,000.
  9. 12000 will do, max hp is at 10500 and I rarely go there. I just wonder how easy (or difficult) they are to read, especially here with ususally lots of light. No sense getting one if you can't read anything half the time.
    But thanks again for the link, it might have taken me a lot of time finding it!
  10. I have no problem seeing mine in direct sun light. In case you didn't know, they also feature the ability to set two different indicator lights to blink at what ever RPM you choose. One can warn that you are approaching max RPM and the other at redline, or something like that. I admit those lights are a little difficult to see especially when you are winding it out and don't want to be looking down at the gauge.
  11. Those lights are a cool feature, no doubt.
    Where did you get yours and how much did you pay, if I may be so bold to ask? I'm very interested.
  12. I ordered it direct from Trail Tech and had it shipped to a friend in the U.S. who brought it over.

    I have made a few purchases from Trail Tech and had some technical problems. Each time emails were answered promptly and they were helpful. I had to return an HID light once which was not compatible with my bike. No problem. I replaced it with a halogen light from them. Very good company to deal with direct.
  13. The website states that the Vapor revs up to 20000, and why limit it to 12000, it's all electronic and could go to 30000.
  14. Just telling you what mine says on "the dial" and what the manual says. Email them, they always respond to mine.
  15. Yep, I likes the Vapor; the dollar is low and my buddy is going back to the US soon. I'm looking for a little Ducati-style fly screen, then I'll have to see how to mount it. Did yours come with decent brackets or do I have to order those featured in the website? And do you remember how much you paid for it? - Thanks!
  16. I ordered the protector mount for mine. The problem was that it covered my ignition switch so I had to do some bracketing myself. The one that comes with it is just a nylon mount that clamps to the handlebar. I paid whatever the price listed on the website is.

    I just did a webpage showing the mods to my bike for another forum, go here if you want to see some photos of the vapor on my DR650. Chameleon DR650
  17. I had a DR650SE - great bike, the engine is better than the XR650L, lots of torque. Sold the XR, kept the DR. The stock Bridgestones I didn't like, I replaced them with Pirelli MT60s which weren't that expensive. Excellent 80/20 street/dirt tires. - Good pics on that DR site of yours!
  18. Maybe I'm dense, I can't find any price on that website.
  19. No comment. Every item I click on comes up with a price. Where are you looking?? :roll:


    Here, just click VAPOR WITH PRICES
  20. I blame it on the poor connection of those school computers...
    Now I'm in a ADSL internet shop and things work way better.
    All the Vapors are for single cylinder bikes, can't find any comment if they're good for twins.
  21. They are all the same, they read from just one cylinder and you have a setting on the unit to tell it the number of cylinders and ignition strokes. You must also decide what type of sending unit you want for the temp sensor. It's all there on the site.

    Contact them directly by email, they are good at replying and helping with tech questions. Contact them at [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
    Direct you questions to Chris and tell him I sent you. Very good guy to deal with. Almost all the questions are answered on the site if you take your time and look at it. You can also download the manual as a pdf file from the site.
  22. Thanks, Silverhawk, for all your info and patience! I'm busy getting a quote on new tires (Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop - which ones to take?), am ordering a small fairing (F-16 Sport) from National Cycle in the US, just ordered a slightly higher handle bar (the Phantom 200 bar I can get even here in my small town, only 260 THB!!), am trying to sell the 2001 VTR250 on - (sold my CBR150R) - am checking on insurance, trying to get the bike registered, and then there are Final Tests at school and I'm a single parent...
    But when all is taken care of I'll be a happy camper!!

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