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    Please add all "New Events" to the Calendar - in the menu bar above.


    Aside from setting the date aspect, adding details is the same as adding a new post. Images, text and links can be added.

    How To Add an Event

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]- click the Add Event button on upper right of the Calendar display.
    [*]- select Day, Ranged or Recurring event tab as appropriate.
    [*]- enter the Event details - add date in Title if you've room
    [*]- add location, website, contact name & number if possible
    [/list type=decimal]


    - click Save Event and you are done.

    Upcoming Events are automatically shown in several Forum locations.

    • - they are refreshed at 60 minute intervals, so your newly added event may not display imediately
    • - the Upcoming Events boxes show the next 5 events over the next 60 days at the moment.

    NB: there's an odd issue with the event date display in the Upcoming Events listing on the top right of the main forum page. The "On" date shows as 1 day earlier than the actual date, depsite it being corectly entered in the Calendar... Its a known bug, not yet sure what the fix is.

    This event Forum may be closed in future.
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    David tried to post Surin here didn't work out. To many moving parts I gues
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