Adding Photos To Trip Reports - 2017

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  1. The recent installation of image conversion & compression software means the Forums can once again allow Members to post images directly into GT-Rider, without needing to use an image hosting service such as Smugmug or Photobucket.

    You do not need to resize the images first: if they are under 5,000 pixels and less than 5Mb, they will load as is!

    However, if you don't mind editing your images to the recommended size of 1150 maximum (width or height) before uploading, the process will go faster, and place less load on the server.

    To post images directly into Trip Reports, IGNORE the "Image" and the "Insert Media" options in the Editing ribbon bar;

    Instead: use the "Upload a File" option located underneath the Editing panel;

    . editor-insert-file.

    That will allow you to upload the image directly into the Trip Report.
    - simply insert the cursor where you want the image to be positioned
    - upload the file
    - click the insert the "Full Image" button

    This example image below was 4352x3264 pixels, and 3.18 Mb in size when it was uploaded, but;
    - the conversion process resizes it to the pre-set image file dimensions of 1150 pixels (width or height)
    - an overnight image compression process will reduce file size to optimal levels (75% compression)

    Immediately it was posted, it was already converted to 1150 pixels and 176 Kb...

  2. There is a much simpler way if you use a PC.
    Xenforo understand drag & drop.
    So you can just drag a picture from PC with the mouse and place it into the post.

    The rest will be done by the forum software.
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  3. Brilliant. Thank you very much.
    That certainly makes life easier.
  4. Brilliant, updated a few of mys last posts. Just drag&dropped all pictures in one go. Deleted te SmugMug refered pictures.
    A much quicker and easier way, and now the pics are stored on the GTR server for all eternity. :):):)

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