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  1. Heres something I saw on another forum.

    Design a first aid kit specific to S.E Asia, fingers crossed we don't need to use one - but if we do, what to carry ?

    Why here ? and not the other forum ? Why not just use this kit .. I get totally confused when purchasing kit and I need some help - I have had enough of describing 'money ass' to pharmacists ( no I'm not after counterpain ) and I really want to know suggested brand name alternatives found here, in the UK we have 'Menolin' as a low adherent dressing, which i struggle to find here. So chip in with brand names ..

    Please just add a couple of items to the list ( Use the quote feature and build upon ) .. I will add them to my S.E Asian first aid kit.


    Some ideas that i need help with, something to ease saddle sore and brand name of anti-inflammatory tablet

    Here are some things to start with
    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Generic First Aid Bag
    [*]Small sample bottle of Dettol ( or liquid TCP ) - Add 1 teaspoon of dettol to 7 baht bottle of water. Lighter than carrying a large bottle of alcohol.
    [/list type=decimal]

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  3. Ive just bumped an old thread up for you

    There are a few ideas in there that might help.

    On  GTR the original info
  4. One thing I carry, and not on the lists above, is the sealed suture needle with thread. Pack 4 of them in my kit. Learned the hard way that they work better than a fish hook !
  5. What do you use to tie yourself together with .. I will add it to the list tho'

    I also saw a lot of kits suggesting butterflies - Im no expert but don't hospitals tend to prefer them over stitching you up these days ?
  6. 2 pound test from my ultralight tackle
  7. I ordered 2x emergency dressings from eBay, as suggested on TV and another couple of forums. I'm not too good with needles and blood even just watching it on the TV, so in RL, I don't know.

    I see your angle, tho'. It was on a recent trip to Laos, I remembered that my kit consisting of 2 animal tensoplasts, a pack of L&M deng and a disposable lighter just wasn't enough. Not just for my sake. I saw some young backpackers wash out on a scooter in Pakse, it was a mess, although they both had helmets, the riders GF was wearing those denim shorts that barely covered her now rather raw, ass cheeks.

    I felt pretty helpless, to wash the gravel out, and sent them both on their way to the nearest clinic would have been the least I - a slightly better educated biker - should have been able to offer.
  8. Did not have a lot of choice in the situation. Do what you gotta do. Still in shock so pain not too bad. Breathed a BIG sigh of relief when the bleeding stopped. Was dripping off my wrist like a leaky faucet. When the shock wore off I swore every bump I hit tho' - hurt like a MoFo ! Tried various padding options - but it was the shock travelling up thru the forks - to the bars - and you gotta hang onto them or would have a matching right hand.

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