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  1. Hi Guys,

    I admire and respect the power of GT-Riders and am now a new member[:D]. However, I would like to extend the experience and exposure of people like GT-Riders to regions like Asia. So I set up a group on as a forum to share experience and make friends.[:)] Please allow me to give this information. It does not have much in it yet [:I]but I was hoping that you guys will be interested to make it a colourful one.

    Welcome to the Adventure Touring Club!
    If you enjoy or interested in motorcycle touring, Scuba diving, 4x4 touring etc. This is the place for you to get information, exchange ideas, leave messages and make friends.

    Best regards to all,

    Franki Yang
  2. Hi Franki:

    I currently live in Chiang Mai. I see you live in Hong Kong. I have a good friend there named Ian Foster that is well known in the Hong Kong biking community. I have ridden all over Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Australia. But...... I am dying to ride China. Has anything changed yet that will allow normal motorcycle touring??? As in no government guide following you, and no massive charges. China cannot really consider itself part of the industrialised nations as it is the only major countrie that is afraid for tourists to look around by themselves. Please let me know. Are you coming for Chiang Mai bike week?
    Cheers Robert
  3. Hi Robert,

    Yes, I am coming to the CMBW 2003. I will be riding with the BMW boyz from BKK.

    I know Ian personally. He has done many adventure touring himself and is Chairman of the local Classic Bike Club.

    Situation in China has not changed. However, being a Chinese and have been touring in China for many years, I can only agree with your view 50%. China is still a 3rd world country and many things are not perfect. It will take some time, but then what is 100 years compare to 5000 years of culture? There are many restrictions for bike touring especially imported bikes. You are much more free if you take public transport or ride a bicycle. Or you can tour around in a cage (car). But I know some expats have tour Yuannan, Tibet, Xinjiang etc by themselves (they all have a job and a bike in China). This was not possible even 5 years ago... Be patient with China. If not, there are still many countries out there for you to enjoy.

    I hope I will bump into you in Chiangmai.

    Ride on,


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