advice for a ride from vientaine to luang prabang

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  1. hi there im new to this site and i would like some advice im flying over to bangkok from ireland on the 8th of december going to meet up with my girlfriend and then fly into vientaine from there i want to rent a bike that would be suitable to carry both of us as she doent ride and i want to drive up to luang prabang and back and anywhere else that is worth seing im only in loas for a week before headin to chaing mai any help on what is the best plan would be great

    thanks lads for the advice and links that ye have provided im sure i,ll figure things out once i get there but ive been looking through some of yer trips and im only getting jealous that ive such a short time to have a look around thanks again morgan
  2. contacted jim at remoteasia and he was a great help so all going well i will let him sort things out for me when i get to loas thanks again everyone
  3. Can the ride from Vientiane to Luang Parbang on highway 13 be done comfortably on a road bike?

    Whats the ideal sort of bike?
  4. Yes, no problem to do it on a road bike. With regard to the ideal bike I will leave that to the experts as I use a truck to move around in Laos.
  5. Thanks for the info.

    How many hours Vientiane to Luang Prabang?

    Anywhere worth overnighting at along the way?
  6. The total distance is close to 400 km and it takes me 8-9 hours in a truck but that does not include many stops. If you can stand the backpacker scene then a stop in Vang Vieng at 160 km from Vientiane could be an option - lots of guesthouses and restaurants.
  7. LPQ - Phou Khoun is 130 km or so and in between are no guesthouses to speak of. There are a lot of posts on this ride on the forum and it does depend on weather and time of year for the views. I've come down from Phou Khoun on the 13th of December and the fog line was from 650 m up which meant full fog from Phou Khoun to Nam Ken.
  8. Great show on Thai cable tv ATM. "Miracle" channel.

    A bunch of Thai 4WD enthusiast are doing a trip from Vientiane to Luang Prabang.

    Good footage of the scenery and roads along the way.

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