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  1. Hi All,

    I'm organising a trip to Laos for some motorbike adventure with my mates.

    Something like this trip, sounds awesome:

    We would be a 4 guys, 40-50 yo, with varied experience, but all up for an adventure.

    I've travelled through Laos/Thailand before and rode some 125cc scooters around the back roads, and found it magical. I'd love to see Southern Laos again, thousand islands etc. Maybe 7 days on the bikes, and 7 off bikes.

    Some of our group ride regularly on-road, others not, but we've all ridden motor bikes before.

    I don't remember it being very busy with traffic at all, has it changed and will we be driving in heavy traffic much?

    I've got a wife and kids, so although I'd like to just go-for-it, I do have some responsibilities nowadays.

    Is it dangerous? Do many riders get seriously injured?

    I have a vehicle drivers license, but not a bike license. Do riders just need a valid vehicle drivers license in Laos? My insurance company says I just need to have a valid licence for the country in which I'm travelling.

    Thanks for reading and any advice!
  2. Just back from a fantastic long weekend ride from Vientiane to Luang Prabang and back via Van Vieng, and it was truly magical-

    You absolutely do not need a big or fast bike in Laos. The traffic in and around Vientiane can be a bit thick and challenging, but I never felt like it was terribly dangerous.

    The description of the ride in your link says- "It will encompass both on and off-road sections, but nothing too challenging for the intermediate rider." Are you and your friends up for something like that? Road riding is, imo, a whole lot less challenging that riding dirt. It would suck if you guys signed up for this and got in over your heads...

    Be aware on remote roads that whatever vehicle is biggest has the right of way. Expect oncoming trucks and buses and cars in your lane and always make sure you have an out and you should be fine.

    Have fun!!!
  3. Thanks, so what are the roads like up to LP, and Vang Vieng? What type of bike was required?
  4. The road from Vientiane to Van Vieng is surprisingly rough. Many many sections of dirt, some hard packed, some loose.

    From Van Vieng to Luang Prabang the road is in much better condition, but still rough in spots.

    Our little group consisted of a pair of Versys, a FZ1 and a rented CRF250L-
  5. i did the route, Chaing Khong to Luang Prabang and than down to Vientiane and Exited at Mukdanah

    Roads suck up north and because of the constant ups an downs and turns u average less than 50 kms/hour
    but two high points
    fantastic scenery!!!
    Not much traffic
  6. The off-road sections in the South can be quite tough and very remote. Thinking about what you might be looking for, you should also consider a loop that starts going East and then up towards Luang Prabang (maybe even via Luang Namtha) and then circle back via Phonsavan. that gets you half off-road, half on road - with stunning sceneries. I tend to disagree that roads suck up North.
  7. ^ +1

    The roads up north are fantastic if you're on a dirt bike. They do suck on a road bike though... :take-that:

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