Advice needed + small cb 125 or alike for rent?


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Jul 19, 2010
I'm new to this forum but have been reading a lot on it the last months.
We're in South East Asia for some months, living in Chiang Mai probably for a month or so.

Some background:
I myself, woman of 33, have had a Honda cb 750 since 2002, which I drive regularly in Belgium (rainy country).
I've had it as sole way of driving for 2 years, winter and summer, before being convinced to buy a car after all.
So I dare to say I have some experience ;)
My girlfriend though doesn't like riding nor being the companion on the road. (But I guess some of you know this too :) )

My question:
While the GF doesn't like touring a lot, she'd love to come along on a trip, riding a smaller bike herself. (And I wouldn't mind switching to the same bike.)
I myself thought we'd be able to rent little cb125's or alike in Chiang Mai.
But apparently they only have scooters or big bikes.
I don't feel much doing a such loop on a scooter :(
It would eat me not being able to take full advantage of those beautiful turns...

So I need your advice:
What would you guys do?
Is there anywhere where we can rent a small motorcycle like the good old cb 125 / wings?
Or what would you advice we should rent? (Knowing she drove scooters before, but no real heavy bikes. And she's not too tall 1m62)

I noticed in Vietnam we could rent a Minsk or Honda FTR at Cuong, which seems like the kind perfect (except maybe for warnings on the Minsk :)) But it seems the adventure we'd like to take.

Second question:
Which one day loop is advisable regarding the time of the year?
I was pretty convinced doing the Mae Wang Loop, until I read a story in the forum, saying the last km dirt road are undoable in rainy season.

Last: I presume the superb maps can just be bought at Mr Mechanic and sofort?

Tx for your input.


Jun 28, 2007
Hi, best bike if not a scooter around here is the Kawasaki D-Tracker 250. If it needs to be a scooter then take a semi-automatic Honda Wave 125i, has a friction clutch but enables you to change gears yourself, best scooter in the hills as can be repaired at every bamboo hut, cheap to run too. Place recommended for rent: Mr. Mechanic, just 3 houses further from the Kafe (our main meeting point) please see also post 'where to rent bikes in Chiang Mai'. chiang-mai-motorcycle-rental-shop-updates-t547.html
Good luck, Franz


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Jul 19, 2010
tx for the tips.

So no old 125cc bikes for rent here except for Scooters then...
A pity.


Aug 31, 2009
Have you rented something? where did you go and how was it?

Not sure what you are moaning about regarding "no old 125s". The Honda Wave 125 i recommended by Franz is very capable and incredibly versatile. In addition, read the trip report by David FL on doing the loop on such Honda Wave's from Mr. Mechanic. Riding hundreds of km on a single day.

Well handling, comfortable, smooth engine, good acceleration... Try it. It's an awesome bike