Advice needed - taking a Phantom to SE Laos.

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  1. I'd like to take my Phantom 200cc (purchased in Thailand- no modifications) to SE Laos in April 2011. I'd like to shoot for Attapeu starting at Pakse and perhaps complete the loop comprised of 18,11,16,20,15 as seen on Google maps. Would I be able to access these roads?

    I appreciate your advice and good travels to you.
  2. Hi Phantom200.
    You will have no problems taking your Phantom on all of the roads you have mentioned except perhaps hwy 18, which may or may not have been upgraded since I rode part of it 18 months ago.
    There’s a few photos of the start of hwy 18 were it heads west from Attapeu, towards the end in the report below.

    Maybe others have more up to date information on the condition of the legendary hwy 18.

    Have a good trip.

  3. Thanks Rex,

    I read your trip report and it looks great. The route on 18 looks treacherous when wet. I might give it a shot if the weather is dry enough.

    thanks again
  4. The upgrading of Highway 18 has not yet started - all the construction equipment was still in the base camp when I passed there about a month ago. Although at that time the road was dry and dusty they advised me not to take that road as I was in my truck and they expected that the water in 1 river was still to high. However, at almost all, if not all, river crossings there are people who are willing to help you bring the bike over for a small fee either on a raft or boat or just carry the bike over.
  5. Route 18 Attapeu - Phou Keua International Checkpoint / Vietnam Border

    Leaving Attapeu for the border




    The mountainous section in the east towards the border reminded me of riding in Nan on R1148 or R1091 or R1256, it was that good!


    The border, with the Snail

    2 good riding mates of 20 years.

    The Snail "powers on" with the KLX250.



    As good as it gets


    Attapeu - Sekong Route 11


    still a good fast road.

    Kids on the road


    Route 16 Sekong - Pakxe


    a beauty at the Suan Sinouk coffee resort.
    Well worth stopping at for a cuppa or two (I had 3!)

    Photos from 13 & 14 Feb 2011.

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